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Dec 28, 2017
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About Exchange Union

Exchange Union is an exchange-based platform, designed by James Wo and launched in July 2017. The platform combines all global exchange platforms in one. Due to this connection, transactions are made at a suitable market price. The organizers assure users they do not need to wait too much time to get a confirmation.To benefit from this platform’s features, the designers have introduced their own cryptocurrency tokens, called Exchange Union Coin, or simple XUC.

The functionality of Exchange Union platform

There are lot of digital exchange platforms around the world. Some of them are limited by languages, others by notoriety. The price for transactions can vary from each platform to others. So, why not to create one global platform that will give the suitable results for users? Best prices, reduced waiting time, low fees and best traders – these are features that Exchange Union platform provides to you.The Exchange Union is encouraging the exchange platforms to work together to accomplish the same objectives. Its token XUC is a universal cryptocurrency. There is no need to have listed the same digital currencies on all exchange platforms to trade them.The platform assures you that it eliminates all the individual rules. It is a decentralized network which uses servers to connect the independent exchange platforms. Transactions are secured and independent.You don’t have to create hundreds of accounts to sign-up on each individual platform. Using only one account, Exchange Union platform gives you all the trading offers.

How can you buy Exchange Union Coin tokens?

The platform’s cryptocurrency tokens have a major importance in this network. It is a universal coin that help inter-connect all the exchange planforms.You can buy XUC tokens exchanging Bitcoin on OKEX or HitBTC platforms, Etherum on OKEX, HitTC, Decentre, IDEX and EtherDelta platform or with real USD assets using OKEX or HitBTC platform.XUC has its own algorithm that assures there is no waiting time for getting transaction’s confirmation and even high fees for them. Using only one cryptocurrency, you will have the access to all features provided by Exchange Union platform.


Are you interested in Exchange Union platform? It is still in its young ages and promises a lot in future. The platform brought, for sure, an innovative idea of how we can inter-connect digital exchange platforms in one and it gives users what they are looking for.To stay updated with news, follow the official website of Exchange Union.

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