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Advertisement has been hacked on Monday. The block- explorer team quickly solved the problem. The attack occurred without negative consequences.

Website visitors were worried when a pop-up indicating that was hacked appeared on the homepage. It seems the hacker has managed to launch the attack by entering codes in the comments section. The displayed pop-up indicated the message “1337“, making clear that the hacker is an “elite” or “leet” one.

An Etherscan visitor shared on Twitter more information about the security breach, warning his/her followers. The comment section was immediately disabled after the attack was identified. Developers were quickly committed to solving the problem.

The problem behind the hack

No information and no users have suffered from “1337” attack. Hackers started to be either smarter or lazier. They rely heavily on the ability to blackmail users only through words, and less by facts. Many characterize hacks as like cancer. Regardless of the severity of the problem, the “disease” presents risks. Practically speaking, no hack is well embraced. is one of the most famous block-explorers backed using the Ethereum blockchain-powered protocol. The website provides tools that allow the user to view, search and analyze data using a public ledger. User funds are never at risk as the platform does not offer a digital wallet.

After executing the codes, the hacker was free to control and manipulate the website according to his/her own preferences. “It’s really down to your imagination at this point,” said security researcher Scott Helme for Motherboard.

The major risk of the attack was data manipulation. If the hacker controlled the prices, there would have been a wave of uncontrolled reactions and major changes in the buy/sell system. Luckily, the hack did not lead to negative consequences.

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