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New gaming project is up. This time, we are talking about unicorns and the Ethereum network. UnicornGo becomes the latest gaming platform that rewards users with crypto coins for their interest.

Becoming a player, you will be able to store, trade and play with fantastic unicorns while making money for your time and effort.

The game was designed on the Ethereum Smart Contracts network. In the near future, the company plans to move to the Universa platform in order to offer reduced fees and a higher rate of speed needed for transactions.

Candycoin is the UnicornGo’s cryptocurrency

While playing the game, users will gain Candycoins, crypto coins that can later be converted into Ethereum, but also other elements necessary for the game, such as energy and food. The platform has released a total of 12,000,000 tokens

The genetic system was designed by real genetic scientists

One of the features of UnicornGo is the genetic system created by real genetic scientists. Thus, each unicorn will be distinguished from others by unique characteristics. Every user will have the freedom to play with the unicorns and modify some parts of their bodies, according to users’ preferences and the number of tokens they want to win. They will be able to create the unicorn of their dreams by giving animals the desired abilities.

First version of unicorns is GEN-0

First of all, you’ll need to buy the available version of GEN-0 unicorns to start playing. Their sales will be open up to a total of 30,000 unicorns. The next generation of unicorns will benefit from more developed skills and features.

If you decide to start playing now, you will get a unique unicorn. After purchasing, you have the freedom to change parts of unicorns to design your gaming winner. In a random way, some users will get the chance to win $ 10,000 in Ethereum. In order to be one of them, you are required to purchase a GEN-0 unicorn.

The developer team has already begun to work on the new version of the platform. Shortly, UnicornGo will also be available on mobile.

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