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As EOS launches its network, scams seem to keep popping up, the latest example being yet another warning of a phishing wallet site.

Token holders are advised not to do anything, and the rest, to wait for the network to become stable. Lately, a new phishing site has been exposed. Those that have MetaMask will have a warning appear in their browser, but for those that don’t have them, the site appears to be still up, offering the option to make a wallet.

However, the site generates infected wallets that may take private keys. Users should only use official the services that are recommended by the community for voting to keep their assets safe. The EOS voting is still carrying on at a relatively smooth pace, with around 1% of tokens voting daily with no indications that major wallets are staking their coins. For the time being, 26% of tokens have voted, selecting 21 top block producers, with some votes also given to smaller candidates.

As the EOS network rolled out, cynics are starting to think that the $4 billion ICO was not worth the investment. The EOS token doesn’t seem to be faring too well, and some have forecasted that the problems surrounding the network launch would depreciate the value to $5.

During another market crash, EOS swiftly lost its rankings, going down by more than 10% net in the past 24 hours, to $9.42. The price drop is quite unfavorable, taking into account that EOS has managed to keep up well up until now, with few price swings and a stable value of over $10.

EOS seems to be going in a descending direction, as its Tether (USDT) trading decreases day by day, dropping 3% from the start of the week.

The network will have to demonstrate it’s capable of executing transactions safely, as well as the functionality of its app. EOS is still considered an attractive option for the future airdrops of favorable projects, but it still remains to be seen if the distributed apps on EOS will work and find developers.

Blocktivity shows that EOS network is particularly active in terms of transactions, making it to the top 5 networks according to the number of transactions a week. Interestedly enough, another project of Dan Larimer, Steemit is in the lead, after Ethereum. Though, it is hard to assess what the transactions signify, and how they correlate to the voting or other applications of the launched network.

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