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Emurgo, a Japan registered blockchain startup incubator, revealed today that it would be integrating Cardano’s ADA token into the Metaps Plus payment platform.

Metaps Plus is one of the biggest payments platforms in South Korea having ’10 million mobile to offline transactions’. The collaboration implicates incorporating the ADA currency into the platform which handles million of mobile to offline transactions a year ‘in over 40000 offline stores’. According to the official press issued by EMURGO, this integration is scheduled to happen around Q3 2018.

 “Our partnership with Metaps plus will allow Ada to expand more rapidly and be recognized eventually as a new way for payment settlement in the Korean market,” said the CEO of EMURGO.

Cardano’ s offered tokens will be used in over 33,000 offline franchise shops and promotions, joining the franchises that are already in a partnership with Metaps Plus.

The Chairman of Cardano Foundation, Micheal Parsons, said that:

“The adoption of Cardano’s Ada cryptocurrency token by Metaps Plus means immediate digital payments or settlements, with little to no fraud, can soon take place in Korea, a country that has a pioneering history of innovation and early adoption of new technologies”

ADA’s implementation of by one of the biggest mobile marketing and payments giants in South Korea could signal an adoption on a grander scale. It represents the first Asian cryptocurrency to be incorporated into mobile payment platform. EMURGO is focused on facilitating adoption among partners who want to use Cardano’s blockchain in mainstream businesses and industries.

The CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, has said that South Korea is a country that has a ‘passionate Cardano and cryptocurrency exchange’. So, this partnership indicates Cardano’s entrance into a market where it currently has some popularity, will drive adoption rates at elevated levels with Metaps Plus’ ability to offer mobile to offline transactions.

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