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Elongate Price Prediction 2023: Is Elongate a Good Investment?

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Nov 15, 2022
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Memecoins exploded in the crypto industry the same way that internet memes did in the social media realm. Memecoins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are among the most talked-about projects in the cryptocurrency space. It’s no surprise that several other meme coin ventures emerged shortly after.

The current charity system is broken. However, Elongate was developed to promote a new philosophy to influence social impact. This approach has the potential to transform the scale of Elongate crypto price by dictating investor sentiments. 

Elongate Price Prediction | Introduction

Elongate’s team established the meme cryptocurrency as a social impact token to improve the blockchain’s societal influence. Token holders benefit from a 10% transaction fee, with a significant amount of the proceeds going to charity organizations. As of March 25, 2021, the initial supply of ELONGATE tokens was one quadrillion tokens. Approximately 412 trillion of them were burnt during creation. Over 24 trillion coins have been burned since then. ELONGATE tokens are burnt on a weekly basis.

At the time of writing, ELONGATE’s price was $0.000000009718, with a market cap of $4,609,794 and a 24h trading volume of $672. 

Elongate Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

The Elongate token was originally successful upon its debut. It reached a high of $0.0000002 in three days after being launched on CoinMarketCap on April 8, 2021. The rise coincided with a public announcement of a Tesla giveaway for token holders. Elongate received yet another boost in terms of holders on April 20. Immediately after Coinbase began tracking the token’s price, more than 150,000 people bought a stake in it. The following day, Elongate hit an all-time high of $0.00000109.

The surge, however, was brief. A week later, the token’s price dropped to $0.0000003, only to surge again a month later after its first significant listing on Bitmart. Elongate’s price has been falling since a second peak of $0.00000088 on May 11. Aside from the upward trend that was prevalent for the entire crypto market in October 2021, the currency has exhibited no substantial progress. 

Below is an outline of Elongate’s price in the last six months, according to CoinMarketCap:

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High

The source of the numbers above can be checked here.

Elongate Price Prediction: Market Opinions

According to DigitalCoinPrice, Elongate’s price is expected to cross the $0.0000000238 level in 2023. They predict that Elongate will reach a minimum fee of $0.0000000202 by the end of the year. Additionally, the coin is capable of achieving a maximum level of $0.0000000245. 

On the other hand, the technical analysis and forecast price by ICOcreed predicts that the price of Elongate will reach a minimum value of $0.00000002. Their website states that the Elongate price can reach a maximum level of $0.00000003 with an average trading price of $0.00000002.

Elongate Price Forecast for November – December

WalletInvestor believes the price of Elongate will fall as low as $0.000000000498. 

On the other hand, DigitalCoinPrice predicts ELONGATE will reach a maximum price of $0.0000000119. 

Elongate Price Forecast for 2023

Priceprediction.net anticipates that Elongate will achieve a minimum price of $0.00000001 in 2023. Next year, the ELONGATE price can reach a maximum level of $0.00000002 with an average price of $0.00000002.  

ELONGATE has a lot of potential for traders with a long-term vision, according to Telegaon. The token can reach a maximum price of $0.00000078 by 2023. If there is a bull rally in 2023, ELONGATE prices may rise more than their forecast. The average price of an ELONGATE, on the other hand, can be around $0.00000039. If there is a bearish trend, the ELONGATE’s minimum price can fall as low as $0.00000026.

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers

Business Community states that in the long run, their price forecast considers the coin’s usability and value proposition rather than temporary social media characteristics. By the end of 2023, the coin’s expected to reach $0.0000008.

Latest News about Elongate

According to an article published on news.elongate.cc, Elongate recently integrated Chainlink keepers to decentralize burn automation. 

The program uses Chainlink Keepers to safely and cost-effectively automate the closing of Token Burn Parties and the distribution of all allocated tokens to a particular project’s officially registered dead wallet. As a result, community members can be confident that when a burn party is successfully completed, their voluntarily pledged tokens will be sent to the dead wallet without intervention from the Burn. Party platform or any other third party. 


What Is Elongate?

Elongate is a blockchain network with a charitable and social impact focus. It was founded in 2021 as a novelty cryptocurrency in reaction to Tesla founder Elon Musk’s social media remarks, and it has since grown into a large social impact platform.

How to Buy Elongate?   

Many crypto trading platforms have lately listed ELONGATE for public trade. If you want to purchase ELONGATE, the best crypto exchanges right now are Pancakeswap, MEXC, Bitmart, and LBank

What Is Elongate Used For?

ELONGATE is a BSC-based cryptocurrency token with a social impact. 10% of the transaction fees collected from trading ELONGATE tokens are used to reward holders and donated for charitable purposes. 

Elongate Price Prediction: Verdict

With a solid trend, it looks like ELONGATE will close the year triumphantly. Most cryptocurrency market watchers and influencers also predict that the meme coin will have a positive future in 2023. 

ELONGATE price forecast over the next year seems optimistic. The profits you can get through the coin depend on whether you want to make a long-term or short-term investment. But as always, research thoroughly before making a decision.

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