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tips to stay anonymous when mixing bitcoin

Easy Tips to Stay Anonymous When Mixing Bitcoin

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Mar 4, 2019
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Mixing bitcoin is the best way to transact and use anonymously. There is no way anyone will be snooping on your account. But there is a catch if you are not careful enough.

It is not just about getting a mixer company and sending your bitcoins there. Chances are you will be risking a lot.

Not to worry though, there are a few things you can do to ensure complete anonymity. And in this guide we are going to share some. Just makes sure you learn the basics of mixing bitcoin and how it works first.

Tip #1: Use the right browser

The browser you use for mixing bitcoins will make all the difference. Whatever you do, try not to do it using a clean browser. These are normal browsers like Google. Even if you use a VPN with such, there will still be traces of your transactions.

For most people, Tor browser should be sufficient. There are those who may feel that is not enough still. In that case, consider using a hardened live operating system. For instance TAILS runs off a CD or USB drive. This will keep you away from prying eyes.

Tip #2: Create private burner emails

Using personal email with bitcoin mixers is not advisable. The idea behind bitcoin mixing is for you to stay as far away from prying eyes and potential hackers as possible. You don’t want anyone checking out the source of your coins and how you spend then.

Any other email may keep you anonymous, but not private. Every email is recorded under the public domain, which means someone else can get access to your information.

Privacy is key here. Even if an email you receive not contain any sensitive information like passwords, you will need to stay private.

There are many other email services that provide burner addresses. But be very careful when using such services. Do your due diligence before committing to them. You may never really tell what some online services are out to get until it is too late.

Tip #3: Don’t keep any notes

To be on the safe side, copy on an encypted note your address, mix IDs and PGP. Once you have received the bitcoins and confirmed, delete the note immediately.  This is to make sure you leave no trace in your operation.

Tip #4: Use multiple wallets

You can use up to five different wallets. Staying low requires taking different routes to get to your destination. Separate wallets and even accounts is the way to go with bitcoin mixing. It may make managing the bitcoin tedious, but everything comes at a price.

Tip #5: Create a new wallet every time you mix

You may be tempted to use the same intermediary and mix wallets twice. It makes the process simple and quick. But that may leave you vulnerable. Mixing services are watched closely by government agencies. You don’t want them monitoring your wallet.

Using bitcoin mixers are beneficial, but it requires proper knowledge. The tips shared above will help you stay under the radar. Apart from that, carefully select the mixer company you are going to use. A good example would be https://bitcoinmix.org  thanks to its services. You can simple get the best out of such if you have basic bitcoin mixing information.

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