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Dash posted a tweet on July the 18th announcing that their coin will be added on Evolve Markets, where Forex and cryptocurrencies can be traded alongside the bets made on stock indices and commodities, such as natural resources and minerals.

“#Dash Trading Added to #Evolve Markets, Further Increasing Dash Robustness,” read the tweet.

From Evolve Markets’ official website listing, it appears that DASH will be traded against USD on the platform. Traders will be allowed to leverage up to 50:1 of their cryptocurrency accounts, benefiting from fats withdrawals and low transaction costs. Evolve Markets’ platform is named ‘Metatrader 5’.

The platform puts emphasis on the security of customer funds. It regularly performs manual reviews of Bitcoin withdrawals, locks all Bitcoin funds in cold storage, keeps discretion of the private keys, encodes data and uses Google Authenticator for extra security during transactional operations.

The currencies that are currently offered for trading on the Evolve Markets are: Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], XRP [XRP], EOS [EOS], Litecoin [LTC], Monero [XMR], Zcash [ZEC], with Dash being the most recent coin to be added.

While the coin is not featured on big cryptocurrency such as Coinbase, Dash has seen quite a surge in the list of platforms that are adding it to its listings. From a post made on Dash’s official blog, getting listed by Evolve Markets has shown that it has value on the market.

Their network is also experiencing an increase in trading volume, as a result of the growth in demand for Dash. In its official statement they also said:

“This smooths out Dash’s volatility since market makers are constantly assessing the underlying and future value of Dash.”

As the list of trading platforms to add dash will keep on growing, it will provide the cryptocurrency with more diversification and liquidity. This will increase the general adoption of Dash ultimately leading to a diminution of volatility in prices.

 “The incentives built into Dash’s DAO have focused development on the original goal of cryptocurrency to be a peer-to-peer digital currency for the average consumer through consistently low transaction fees, fast confirmation times, security, and user-friendly interfaces.”

Dash has also noticed an increase in how frequent its transactions were being used. This has been a major factor in establishing the ‘underlying value’ of Dash. The team also thinks that Dash has already gathered considerable acceptance from merchants and has ‘actual use’ along with ‘everyday purchases’.

At the time of writing, DASH is trading at $266.49 with a market cap over $2 billion. The 24-hour rise in its price is 2.03% at a trading volume of about $236 million.

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