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Apr 25, 2018
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If you are into trading cryptocurrencies, it is imperative that you always stay up to date with all the latest news in the crypto space. You have to know the most recent opinions and price movements on the market so you can make the most advantageous trades.

Thus, a news aggregator is an indispensable tool in your arsenal. But not just any news aggregator will do, you have to choose one that filters only the latest happening in the crypto world.

CryptoPanic is a news aggregator platform that aids traders into understand and speculate price movements in the cryptocurrency market.

If you are not a trader and you’re merely interested in this particular sector of technology, CryptoPanic will display the daily crypto-news in one simplified feed and with various functionalities.

CryptoPanic Description

The webpage has a basic interface that separates the screen into two parts. On the left side, there is a scrolling feed that features news from the last hour from different sources.

The right side displays the details about the news that you clicked on, as well as a link to the original site source. If you are logged in, you can vote if the information in the feed is positive, negative or relevant to the markets. This way users offer their feedback if the news could potentially influence in a positive or negative direction the prices.

If a specific article is voted as positive by many users, it will appear in green. Should the new be voted as negative, it will appear in red. And if the article is not voted at all, then it will be in white, signifying neutrality.

What other uses does CryptoPanic have?

At the right border of the page, the website features the prices of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market along with their daily performance. If you are interested in a particular currency, you can opt to see only the news related to said cryptocurrency by clicking on it. This feature is very useful if you are trading in only one specific digital coin.

Besides this, you can also receive notifications about your favorite crypto in real time.

If you want to get the hottest topics while on the move, CryptoPanic can send them to your preferred messaging app. The platform currently supports Telegram, Discord, and Slack.

CryptoPanic Pro Features

CryptoPanic gives its Pro users bonus features. Pro users can add custom RSS/Atom feeds, Reddit and Twitter sources and the option to disable or enable any existing default news source.


A CryptoPanic Pro account costs $9 US per month or $99 US for a one-year subscription. Being a Pro member will also generate a “Pro” badge that will appear near your username on your profile.

Final Verdict

CryptoPanic is the easiest way of keeping yourself abreast of the latest developments and news that will determine the direction of the market’s prices. You will save time on trying to understand how the markets behave by observing what the users have voted in the feed. The platform will definitely help you learn the ropes of the crypto industry in no time.

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