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As more and more people are starting to become interested in cryptocurrency trading, more and more apps dedicated to tracking crypto news, monitor Bitcoin stock market or thread discussions have surfaced on the market.

But considering the prevalence of fake news, frauds, and scams in the crypto world, it can be very difficult to pinpoint which projects or ICOs are the real deal.

A great app that incorporates all the needs of an avid crypto supporter is Cryptonomy. This community-based social network provides users with a structured platform that facilitates and simplifies the searching process for new ICOs, coins, tokens and other crypto/blockchain-related projects.

What is Cryptonomy?

Cryptonomy provides users that have a keen interest in crypto, and it’s a platform that helps the decision-making process regarding digital assets and currencies. It manages to do so by employing the knowledge and experience of the public, which is called “reputation-based crowdsourcing”.

This signifies that the platform uses a unique algorithm that merges social interactions (upvotes, comments, and views) with the “reputation” of the user that posted, to increase or decrease the prevalence of certain posts.

Users which present quality posts are compensated with Cryptons, which would lead to a post gaining more exposure. But if users post FUD or spam, they can have their Cryptons taken away from them. This will not only motivate users to contribute with quality content, but it will also keep away unwanted or fake articles.

Cryptonomy already has gathered more than 10,000 active users, and is expecting to add and incorporate even more crypto enthusiasts and crypto communities onto its app.

The App’s Interface

Cryptonomy features a simple to use and comprehensible design, displaying a portfolio tracker for both stocks and cryptocurrencies. This portfolio tracking app encompasses all you might need, from price tracking to news articles and discussion forums. It is one of the best crypto value tracker apps that can be found on the Apple Store platform.

Communities sort the content featured on the app, making it easy for users to search a specific project. Users can join whatever community they are interested in to receive updates and alerts regarding related events.

In its discussion rooms, you can receive real-time answers through their chat, featuring many crypto-related topics from which you can choose from. Through these discussion rooms, one can easily increase its general knowledge about everything concerning crypto as well as have conversations with like-minded people. Apart from that, all your items will be displayed in a brief table.


The app features portfolio tracking, allowing users to follow more than 1500 cryptocurrencies, displaying alongside them detailed graphs and options.

Cryptonomy has also built in a full-fledged portfolio tracker, which lets users keep track of their assets and research potential investments in a facile manner.

They feature a “Discovery” segment, where users can organize communities in different categories, such as “Highest Rated”, “Biggest Communities”, “Negative Sentiment”, and many others.

Cryptonomy will spare its users of the hassle of having to switch between apps, websites, and platforms to find the information and news they were searching for.

The app was designed to work as a community, enabling all its users to receive all the details they need from the crypto world. The crypto community is in constant expansion and development, and this app gives you the much-needed edge in this competitive tech sector.

For those that are interested in joining the platform and their communities, they can contact Cryptonomy at [email protected].


By targeting the user base of a crypto aficionado, Cryptonomy provides a suite of features primarily designed to conform to their needs. Thanks to this, Crytponomy is the ideal crypto- focused app for iOS users that want to stay updated at all times with crypto-related events and prices. 

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