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CryptoFlash – Crypto News Aggregator Review

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May 17, 2018
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Any wise investor knows just how important it is to always stay up-to-date with the latest news. However, with so many news sites out there, it’s kind of difficult to keep track of all the latest happenings.

Even though it may seem a tiresome task to constantly search the Internet, there are various efficient solutions that can help any crypto enthusiast with this matter. One solution comes in the form of news aggregators, web applications specialized in filtering and bringing together some of the most relevant crypto-related events.

And, considering just how volatile cryptocurrencies can be, it is only wise that you opt for this alternative source of media. One example of a good news aggregator is CryptoFlash.

CryptoFlash: Introduction

CryptoFlash is a news aggregator that brings together cryptocurrency–related events and the most recent details of the top 100+ digital currencies. The CryptoFlash platform collects data from multiple crypto news sources from all over the Internet, including the latest reports and news, and offers them in a straightforward and novice-accessible way.

CryptoFlash’s goal is to be so easy to use that it appeals to everyone, from crypto enthusiasts all the way up to investors, traders, and financial experts. Essentially, the CryptoFlash platform allows anyone to access real-time information about a huge number of cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

CryptoFlash: Features

In order to ensure that users waste no time to get their news, the platform boasts very simple and intuitive design elements. The website acts as a smart assistant for your crypto news necessities, having many useful features for even the most basic of users.


The interface

CryptoFlash features a neatly designed, dark blue-themed interface. Please note that users can also opt for a white “Light” theme, more suitable for well-lit environments.

Search bar

The search bar helps users locate any article that was or still is displayed on CryptoFlash’s main section via simple keywords.

News list

The site features a simple news feed function that lets users scroll through daily crypto and ICO events. The feed is updated every minute, with data being pulled from multiple sources.

The CryptoFlash mobile apps

Users who want to have access to the latest crypto news on the go can install the one of the official mobile applications for either iOS or Android devices.

Cryptocurrency list

In the upper part of the site’s GUI, the most popular cryptocurrencies are displayed, alongside their latest market changes.


The Login section lets users make the most of CryptoFlash, by also offering the option of registering for a daily newsletter on the latest cryptocurrency events.


CryptoFlash is an easy to navigate website that brings its users the most recent events from the crypto world. CryptoFlash combines all the important updates for you while getting rid of all the theories and all the FUDs that surround cryptocurrencies. In addition, the site is free and simple to understand, featuring a traditional feed for the latest news.

To sum up, CryptoFlash is an indispensable tool for crypto traders, enthusiasts and investors that provides reliable crypto news in a very accessible manner.

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