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CryptoFind – An App that Maps All Crypto-Friendly Venues

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Feb 10, 2018
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A new app developed by the GRAFT blockchain, named CryptoFind, allows users to discover nearby venues that accept cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. CryptoFind brings together crypto savvy buyers and merchants. This app has potential to mainstream cryptocurrency at the point of sale through a viral nature of its design, and by combining information about multiple cryptocurrencies in one place.

January 31 ,2018

Graft is an open-sourced global payment network based on blockchain technology which was designed for Point-of-Sale. Graft aims to bring a lasting solution to the issues cryptocurrency payments are currently facing, such as long wait times and high transaction costs.  They want to make it easy for merchants to start accepting digital currencies at the point of sale, without having to change processes or keep people waiting for prolonged periods of time.

CryptoFind will record all businesses around the world that accept cryptocurrencies on a single map.

While the app was created by GRAFT blockchain, it is not exclusive to locations that are enabled by GRAFT. CryptoFind will map venues that accept digital currencies as payment through various methods such as Mobile PoS, Wallet to Wallet, and Partner Credit Card Terminals.

Graft is also unique due to the fact that it runs on its own blockchain. This means that their blockchain network will not experience latency, fees and other underlying conditions that can occur in the Ethereum network.

The blockchain has gone life with main net, which is the main network where actual transactions take place on a distributed ledger, on January 16th, ahead of its planned schedule.

This mapping app will benefit both users and merchants. Users that succeed in persuading businesses to accept cryptocurrencies and enlist in the app, will be rewarded, and the merchants also benefit from this by expanding their client base. In addition to both parts helping each other out and expanding the map, they both contribute to the adoption of cryptocurrency by the mainstream public.

The advantages for Crypto Owners:

  • You can pay with cryptos on the go and the transactions will be instant.
  • No fees are charged when you make purchases, even small ones.
  • You can pay with any cryptocurrency you desire.

The advantages for Merchants:

  • Your client base will add new loyal clients.
  • Accept major cryptocurrencies. Deal with proven crypto.
  • Your business will be exposed to more possible clients.

The GRAFT blockchain have commented about their development: “The launch of the CryptoFind App is a decisive step towards stability in the cryptomarket. Merchant support is key, as credit/debit card transactions now dwarf the number of crypto transactions.”

CryptoFind can be found in the App Store.

An ICO campaign started on January 18th and is still currently ongoing. Over 20 million GRFT tokens have already been sold and have involved more than 1K of crypto enthusiasts.

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