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All football lovers are invited. CryptoCup becomes the latest innovation in the online sports environment. It’s a blockchain-based betting platform designed for the 2018 FIFA World Cup event to be held from 14 June to 15 July in Russia.

Platform hired as advisor Greg Colvin, the organizer of Ethereum Magicians and developer of Virtual Machine, as well the developers of Jaxx & RSK wallets as auditors of the Smart Contracts systems.

Tokens will be stored on the platform until 23 July

The platform uses the ERC721 token, impossible to partially trade, and used to record bets made by users over the available period. Also, the CryptoCup platform will offer the opportunity to participate in an express game which will have as requirements to accurately predict the top 4 national teams.

You should know that tokens will be stored within the blockchain-based platform until 23 July, and a distribution of the winners between the participants will be realized after the World Cup finale. Note that after 23 July you will no longer be able to use them within the platform.

CryptoCup tokens can’t be stolen

Users will be able to purchase and sell their tokens for a small tax, gaining benefits from the increase in assets’ value on the crypto market. Of course, the concept is characterized by high volatility, the investment is risky because of the double changes that will occur every time a match is over. However, those who take credit in the players they admire will benefit from promising winnings.

An important feature is that CrypoCup tokens are not subjected to unpleasant situations such as theft or manipulation, but rather are considered to be a safe e-ticket.

Predictions that will match reality will receive financial compensation at the end of each match. By collecting all the prizes accumulated during the World Cup, the CryptoCup platform will calculate the total amount of winnings.

To register, just follow the two steps: “buy and fill in the ticket-token”. In the first week of launch, the price will be 0.045 ETH, going to grow in the next days.

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