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CryptoControl – Crypto News Aggregator Review

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May 7, 2018
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There are many events and developments in the crypto space that can affect market prices. As an investor/trader, it is vital that you keep yourself up to date with the latest happenings in this market sector. One way to stay on top of things is by using a news aggregator, which sorts the most important and relevant data from media news outlets and delivers it in a compact and intuitive manner. One such aggregator is CryptoControl, an innovative all-in-one platform that provides the latest news from the crypto space.

What is CryptoControl?

CryptoControl is an information site that tracks crypto-related trends. It selects crypto news from over 1000+ different news sites, while also letting you track market data and manage your crypto portfolio. CryptoControl’s content can be accessed via a web interface as well as a specialized mobile device app (for iOS and Android).

CryptoControl features a user-friendly and simple to use interface that links crypto news stories straight to the prices. The site uses color-coded heatmaps (graphical representations of data) to display news, the maps being divided into seven segments, each represented by a different colour.

More in-depth information about the CryptoControl platform

This crypto trend-tracking site lets traders find crypto-related articles and visualize price movement charts.

CryptoControl features a thorough list of digital currencies, neatly arranged by an AI so that users can scroll down when they want to read their preferred articles. The price chart enables users to connect their articles to various price shifts.

When clicking on an article to preview, it will open in a new window together with the link of the source website. The price movement summary is featured next to every crypto link. Users can opt to have their news updated on a daily, hourly or weekly basis. They can also configure price alerts, request a feature or sign up for a premium version.

The portfolio section lets investors sync in with exchanges and ERC-20 tokens, along with the option of exporting the entire portfolio as an Excel file. Traders can view their ERC-20 tokens in their Ethereum wallet just by adding their wallet address.

What makes CryptoControl different from other crypto news platforms is its Machine learning engine that leverages a ranking algorithm. This algorithm supervises the activity from news articles, collects similar articles together, and ranks the ones with the most importance higher. This way, the most relevant articles are supplied to users in a fast and efficient manner.

Premium version

The premium version can cost you $2.99 US a month or $14.99 US per year. The platform also features a referral program that can reward users by giving them free premium upgrades.

Telegram Bot

If you want a customized crypto news feed delivered directly into your messaging app, note that CryptoControl currently supports Telegram, letting you subscribe and receive news for coins that interest you most.


If you want a different news feed that will enable you to track which are the most important subjects being discussed, CryptoControl is an excellent option. This app will definitely keep you up to date with the latest events in the crypto world.

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