CryptoCompare and BitMEX Join Forces to Bring Crypto Futures Data to Institutional Investors
CryptoCompare BitMEX

CryptoCompare and BitMEX Join Forces to Bring Crypto Futures Data to Institutional Investors

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Jun 10, 2019
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Top crypto market data provider CryptoCompare and derivatives exchange BitMEX have partnered to offer professional investors on the Refinitiv Eikon terminal real-time data on cryptocurrency futures.

Through this collaboration, BitMEX will be able to deliver its dataset via CryptoCompare’s contributors’ conduit to Refinitiv, a top data provider for financial markets. The dataset will ultimately be integrated into Refinitiv’s Eikon terminal.CryptoCompare BitMEX

BitMEX is a crypto futures trading platform which reached a new all-time high in trading volume earlier this year, recording $10 billion in just one day. This volume was recorded in a time when the overall market volume was going through a drop.

BitMEX’s CEO Arthur Hayes said the following comment regarding the partnership:

“When it comes to investing, good decision-making depends on access to solid data insights.  We are pleased to deliver a new wealth of data on cryptocurrency futures for institutional investors that can contribute to their overall confidence throughout their decision-making process.”

CryptoCompare has been in a long-term collaboration with Refinitiv in which it enables exchanges and information providers a “seamless way to contribute data to Refinitiv” that doesn’t consist costly and time-consuming integration processes.

CryptoCompare BitMEX

The CEO of CryptoCompare, Charles Hayter, has stated that the firm is interested in providing a “real-time, high-quality dataset to professional investors on the Refinitiv Eikon terminal.” Hayter also noted that the partnership will “increase transparency and confidence” in the cryptocurrency markets, and as a result, investors will be more inclined to contribute.

“We are excited to enter into a partnership with BitMEX, one of the world’s most innovative financial products providers, to bring a real-time, high quality dataset to professional investors on the Refinitiv Eikon terminal. Our partnership will increase transparency and confidence in the cryptocurrency markets which in turn will attract greater institutional participation in the digital asset class.”

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