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All lovers of cars and gaming are invited. This is about a unique and entertaining project that allows users to own virtual collection of cars and participate in online VR racing.

Each car has individual features, due to the Ethereum network on which the platform construction is based. The announcement was made on 15 May, during the Consensus 2018 Event held in New York. The news about the project was revealed by Blockchain Studios. The platform titled CryptoCarz offers the most advanced online gaming model. Each car differs from the other due to its unique features. The digital collection can increase whenever the user invests in another virtual vehicle, but also it can be prepared for eSport racings.

CryptoCarz is the “world’s first blockchain-enabled VR racing experience” as the platform describes itself on the website. In order to enter the online race, you will have to purchase or rent a car, which of course will be unique in terms of both the technical and design features. The identity of the owner is recorded on the Ethereum network, so buying and selling cars as a financial asset is done in a secure and fast way.

For the initial period after launch, 20 car models were listed, each of them corresponding to a cryptocurrency from the global rankings. Each model contains a maximum of 650 digital cars encoded using Smart Contracts. The production limit will not exceed the amount mentioned above. Every car has its own identity so that it can be differentiated in the races.

A CryptoCarz marketplace will soon be released

At this time, you can buy CryptoCarz via the platform’s website. In order to allow efficient ownership transfers, cars are kept as ERC721 “non-fungible tokens” on Ethereum blockchain. Once the user has purchased the digital car, his or her data and its “assets” will be stored in a virtual wallet. To give users the ability to trade cars faster and easier, the platform will soon launch the CryptoCarz marketplace.

CryptoCarz is the first platform to bring together blockchain, VR and gaming technologies. By giving gamers news options to visualize, own and adapt and race their own car, we think a new era in gaming has arrived,” stated the Co-founder of Blockhcain Studios, Daniele Sileri.

For more details, check the CryptoCarz website and Telegram account. The first auction will take place in June 2018. Stay tuned!

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