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With the sudden rise in numbers of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who made big bucks in the recent market boom, more tourism companies which focus on catering to this new customer sector have started to appear. Many cruises have already been sold out.

Blockchain Cruises, managed by Scotland-based CoinsBanks, have already planned two successful cruises for crypto-partiers. A third one is scheduled to take place in September.

The third cruise’s program will comprise of conferences, exhibitions and panel talks which will star 100+ influential speakers from the crypto world, including crypto-promoter John McAfee, BTCC founder Bobby Lee and bitcoin cash supporter Roger Ver.

The five-day trip will start its voyage from Barcelona, taking its 2,500 passengers to Monaco to Ibiza and then back again to Barcelona. The tickets’ prices are somewhere in between 1,000 euros to 3,000 euros.

Crypto Explorers also organizes trips in the “Crypto Valley” which is mostly located in Central Switzerland. These trips are more business oriented, presenting several meetings “with Crypto Valley-based entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, government officials, and businesspeople who are on the cutting edge of crypto-innovation,” as well as networking occasions.

However, it appears that the tour is not open for everyone as the organizing company verify their applicants to “curate an experience in which you participate, meeting top thought leaders and engaging in lots of peer-to-peer exchange with other curious, energetic and knowledgeable participants.”

“Some attendees are professional investors in this or related fields, some are academics, some are folks who happened to buy some Bitcoin at $11 (and did or didn’t wander through Mt. Gox), others may have success in other fields but demonstrate a genuine burning new interest in Crypto.”

Another company which arranges this kind of tours would be Innovation Experience, focusing on ICO promotions for the Israeli business community. Israel which also endorses itself as startup nation has a few blockchain projects operating on its territory.

But in spite of the popularity of these tours and cruises, many skeptics believe the motives behind these trips are questionable, suspecting them of holding promotional activities in which shady products are sold, as opposed to educating the passengers.

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