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Crypto and blockchain education is one sector that has been seriously lacking as a shortfall of expertise could have a massive negative effect on the growth of cryptocurrency into the future. The crypto exchange giant, Binance, is looking to provide free resources and is launching a crypto education platform that could help to fulfill the needs of the industry.

Over the past 12-months, Binance has become the most successful crypto exchange in the world in terms of daily volume and is using its power for the greater good by unveiling this new educational platform for the blockchain industry.

Introducing the Binance Academy

The market-leading crypto exchange has launched its open-access blockchain educational platform that is called the Binance Academy, promising to offer lots of free resources with the aim of creating a more crypto affluent community. The academy is hoping to usher in a wider understanding of the industry and the innovative technology that is powering the sector.

The academy will be a “one-stop-shop” for crypto education with a vast litany of articles and videos dedicated to blockchain-related subjects. The topics will cover a wide spectrum of the industry but will heavily focus on security practices and blockchain applications.

The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, was very upbeat about the launch of the Binance Academy in a recent press release where the head honcho outlined some of the concepts behind the academy: “Binance Academy’s mission is to proliferate knowledge about the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies by offering comprehensive and easily accessible educational content to onboard the world, one video view and one article read at a time,” said Zhao.

Zhao went on to talk about how the content and material used by the academy will be constantly updated to complement the fast-paced evolution of the industry as it moves forward. Phrases such as “global hub for all things crypto” were used in the press release. Zhao also outlined that the platform would be open to both producers of content and consumers and that it would be “the most elementary building block of revolution,” as knowledge is the key to everything.

Trustworthy crypto exchanges

One of the key reasons why this concept will work on the Binance platform is because it is being launched and run by a trustworthy crypto exchange that everyone knows. Although no exchange is devoid or impervious from hacks or bad publicity, the crypto community at large trusts Binance.

Crypto users and traders have been continually running the gauntlet over the past couple of years using exchanges that in some cases have been found to have a lack in security and have been open to numerous hacks. This has resulted in crypto users looking to emerging exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, KuCoin and even the next generation of platforms such as the European-regulation-compliant exchange, ETERBASE. It’s all about trust when it comes to the safety of our cryptocurrencies.

The future of the cryptocurrency and how fast it can move forward heavily relies on the industry having skilled experts across all fields. The launch of this new crypto exchange platform is not just a feel-good news story for Binance to bask in the glow, but is actually a very welcome project that will enhance blockchain education.

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