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Monaco has changed its name to after it managed to acquire the domain name for the sum of several million dollars and has revealed the launch of its new cryptocurrency-enabled MCO Visa card at TechCrunch.

MCO Visa Enables Crypto Acquisitions

The CEO and co-founder of blockchain-based startup, Kris Marszalek discussed at the TechCrunch conference in Zug, Switzerland about his company’s new MCO Visa card which enables its users to spend their digital currency at over 40 million locations while providing benefits that he says puts to shame the world’s top credit cards.

In a CNN Money interview Marszaleck spoke about the new card which according to him, he just had used to buy purchase two coffees with the black card. By downloading their app which features a wallet for both crypto and fiat currency users will be capable of using the cards anyplace Visa is accepted, explained the CEO.

The CEO talked of’s objective “to accelerate the global development, adoption, and transition to cryptocurrency.”

Along with the standard MCO Visa card, is also making available an exclusive cryptocurrency custodian service, MCO Private. This will be available to high-net-worth customers from the crypto space, featuring both dedicated services and admission. Some of these benefits comprise of dedicated customer service via phone, exclusive access to crypto events, advice and direction over the platform.

CEO says New Visa Card Will Drive Crypto Adoption

For those that will purchase the card for 5,000 MCO tokens, it will come in ice white available, while for 50,000 MCO, the card will be in obsidian black. The standard cards will offer bonus features as well, such as; cash back recompenses, referral bonuses, and airport lounge privileges.

The domain was first held by Matt Blaze, a University of Pennsylvania professor of computer and information science since 1993, selling the rights to the domain to Monaco recently. Although the acquisition amount has not been made available to the public, specialists have estimated that the sum might have reached at least $10 million.

Regarding the acquisition of the name and the company rebranding Masrszeleck state that:

“We will strive to deliver impact worthy of the name and build infrastructure that enables growth of the ecosystem, delivering on the promise of a decentralized future.”

For the time being, the MCO Visa card is wrapping up its testing phase before its launch in Asia, Europe, and the US.  The official launch date is scheduled to happen late this summer.

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