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These days, the company BRD has launched a crypto service. The “Augustus Wallet” is out. This means that users have many more features to enjoy starting now.

Besides the fact that the BRD wallet allows the storage of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, it offers users the opportunity to store hundreds of ERC20 tokens.

BRD, formally known as Bread Wallet, is a crypto application that has been perfectly installed among users. The wallet, called Augustus, aims to provide new and useful services. Currently, the wallet is only compatible with the iOS operating system, while the Android version will be released soon, according to Alex Eaton, the community manager at BRD.

Users are free to trade cryptocurrency within the wallet

The wallet is endowed with a protocol that allows users to keep their private keys safe. The new service offered by BRD allows the storage, sending and receiving of Ethereum as well as other 100 ERC20 tokens. As a user, you are free to choose which crypto assets you would like to see on the wallet’s dashboard. Another intriguing feature for the user is the ability to trade cryptocurrency within the wallet, thanks to the adoption of the Changelly API.

The way that we do the trading within the app is with an integration with Changelly. Eventually, we want to use a decentralized exchange (DEX) and we’ve been in talks with some development teams. Aaron Lasher, the CMO of BRD, and I were talking about it just yesterday and our team does not feel that DEX platforms are ready for integration yet. So, we are still waiting for some DEX platforms to be safe enough so we can feel more comfortable with integration,” stated the Community Manager at BRD Alex Eaton.

Also, the app couldn’t miss a feature that will include the company’s own token BRD. Thus, users can store and trade the company’s token inside the wallet. It can be also used in the future to benefit from online rebates and rewards due to the company’s popularity.

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