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Crypterium is a project aiming to revolutionize a cashless payment system got their transaction currency CRPT listed at KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange.

Deposits are now immediately accessible with suggested trading partners such as CRPT/BTC and CRPT/ETH. All trading activities are to be done using KuCoin’s mobile apps or to their official website at

What is Crypterium?

Crypterium aims to become the primary system to innovate bank services for the cryptocurrency. It seeks to operate similarly to modern, real-world financial support but rather will serve everyone in the crypto-currency space on a decentralized network.


The Crypterium cryptobank is built to maintain all cryptocurrencies on a single platform and suffice the basic banking courses of the advanced cryptocurrency period. The developers have constructed this more comfortable by devising a unique android and ios app which will support establishing accounts in mere seconds opposed to other digital banking services which can take weeks to prepare request and present with a card.

Crypterium proceeds with a lot of services which establish no transaction limits, lower transaction costs, fiat based transactions, and the best part are that it works with over 42 million payment terminals, stores, and payment points.

The Team

The team includes of professional digital currency professionals who have engaged more than ten years of their lives working in the cryptocurrency division, producing more consistent systems for the management of cryptocurrency and advancing better cryptocurrency banking choices. The team has spent over $50 million in the industry and are the founders of some exceptional projects such as PAYQR, Workle and Bonus Club.

The team has developed their cryptocurrency called CRPT which will be utilized for all the transactions based on the mobile bank.


The CRPT Token

CRPT is considered as the core of the Crypterium cryptobank. All the cryptocurrency and fiat-based transactions will be executed possibly on the bank with the help of CRPT. Soon, for each transaction, a rate of 0.5% of the transaction in CRPT will be applied as the transaction charge which is suitably known as “fuel” in the Crypterium terminology. The transaction cost is transparent to the user, and the transaction takes seconds while concurrently the bank will automatically seek for the best market rate possible at the specific time.

Crypterium also contributes loyalty rewards for its customers. Most of the merchants today are credited for obtaining services, these charges are measured as a percentage of the payment made, and the fee can be as high as 5-6% depending on the provider. Crypterium makes this better by only charging the merchant 0.5% to 1% while calculating 0.15% of the charges to the loyalty program reward. The more the transactions, the more points are scored to the loyalty program. These points are then presented in different ways based on the number of CRPT a user holds.

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