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Criteria to Follow to Help You Get a Profitable Forex Robot

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Feb 24, 2020
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The forex market is among the most profitable businesses in the industry today. Additionally, business persons have come up with trading robots to help them make trading decisions without the presence of the trader. For this reason, these trading robots save you time that you have been glued to charts looking for good trading opportunities. However, as in the case of any other product, having a trading robot that functions differently from what you were promised is frustrating.

On the other hand, the robot that you expected to be your best friend in trading could turn out as the worst enemy if you buy the wrong thing. With this in mind, before you set aside some money to spend in a trading robot, be on the lookout to ensure that you are getting the right thing. Below are the aspects that will help you make sure that you are purchasing the kind of robot that will not lead you to future regrets.

Read Reviews

When looking for an ideal trading robot, you will come across many potential robots, making it complicated for you to find the best among them. However, it is possible to spot a good robot through various online reviews about trading robots. Most of these reviews are well researched and give information about the pros and cons of each robot. Additionally, they get information from customers who have used the various trading robots and get information about the experience they have had with it. Therefore, by visiting the sites with reviews, you get insights that help you make a concrete decision on the best trading robot to go for.

Contact the Owner and Inquire on Some Details

contact the owner

More often than not, owners of the various trading robots will give their contact information online, where you can reach out to them in case of any issue. If you intend to buy a trading robot from such a dealer, take advantage of the contact details and use them to speak to them. In this call, consult them on the various issues, such as the settings of the robot and how to respond to different brokers. Additionally, ask about the success rate and the recommendation that they have from other clients and customers that they have worked with before. The answers that you get from the dealer help you know how much you can trust the product they are offering you.

Ask for a Trial Period

When buying a product, the warranty or trial period given helps you determine whether or not you should purchase it. In the same way, before you sign a deal to buy a trading robot, make sure that there is a trial period within which the manufacturer will be responsible for any malfunctioning cases of the robot. If the dealer selling the trading robot is not sure about its quality, then they will be reluctant to give a trial period. Therefore, in case the dealer is not ready to give a warranty, then take this as a red flag and get a better dealer.

Check the Risk-Reward Ratio of the Robot

As much as you are hoping to gain more profit from the trading robot investment, it is possible to have some risks from time to time. For this reason, before you settle on any trading robot, check to confirm its risk-reward ratio. You can calculate this with the help of your financial advisor or get it from this auto trading software. If there is a high risk-reward ratio, then purchasing the trading robot will be a risk to your business.  However, considering that there are risks in every business, do not be afraid to pick a trading robot due to the fear of the risk. Get the ideal robot and minimize the risks it is likely to pose to the business.

Have a Background Search

Ideally, by the time you purchase the trading robot, you have limited information about it, especially if you are buying it for the first time. For this reason, during this time, you have limited information about the trading robot, meaning that you are at risk of buying a low-quality robot. Additionally, you risk falling prey to the many unscrupulous scammers targeting people with little experience. Therefore, take time and do a background search on trading robots extensively.

Know how they work, cost, and some of the most recommended ones. When you have such information, you are in a better position to buy something worth your investment. This will also help you clear the innumerable questions you have in mind about trading robots.


Before you purchase the trading robot, you need to calculate the expectancy that you have from it. This is how much you feel that you shall earn from the robot, compared to what you were already earning. Therefore, get a financial advisor who will help you tell how much you are likely to make from various robots and go for the robot that meets your expectations. If a robot expert advisor has a profit of less than one percent, then this is not the right robot for you. Make sure that the profit you get after the calculation of the expectancy is above one for you to know an ideal robot.

Calculate the Drawdown

If a robot makes money but puts the trade at risk, then it is not worth your investment. Therefore, one of the factors to have in mind when purchasing the trading robot is the drawdown. The drawdown calculation will help you calculate any drop-down in the account in case there is trouble with the robot. Therefore, get an equity curve chart that will help you calculate the average drawdown, maximum drawdown, and drawdown recovery. By calculating such drawdown factors, then you can calculate the maximum amount of money that you need to have when buying the trading robot that will help you withstand any risks that the trade can be exposed to.

A good trading robot will make your work in your business easier since it will make all trading decisions. However, if you have the wrong robot, it will end up causing more harm than good. Use the tips above to help you pick the trading robot that will serve you without any regrets.

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