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The China-based decentralized internet of things solution project CPCHain is thrilled to announce that they have listed their transaction and native currency CPC to one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange markets globally, KuCoin.

Any deposit transaction is now available with trading pairs including CPC/BTC and CPC/ETC. Buying will begin at 19:30 UTC+8 and Selling/Withdrawal at 20:00 UTC+8. Trading can be done using KuCoin’s App or direct to their website at

About CPChain (CPC)

Cyber Physical Chain, or CPChain (CPC) for short, is a China-based decentralized data framework cryptocurrency platform specially designed for the next generation of IoTs (Internet of Things systems).

CPChain aims to develop the underlying blockchain technology to support distributed data ownership, storage, and sharing of large-scale IoTs data; to provide legal and compliant data for application creators. With this cryptocurrency platform, data sharing is safer, and data flow is more effective.

Dr. Chengnian Long founded cyber Physical Chain (CPC) in conjunction with Co-Founder Dr. Zhao Bin together with their R&D (research and development) team.

Technical Overview

As far as the technical architecture is involved, CPChain has embraced the central technologies of two parallel-distributed networks: Computing and cloud storage architecture and Blockchain network.

  • The storage architecture kept user-encrypted data in a distributed hash table (DHT).
  • The Blockchain, which registers the hash values of this data (unique data ID) and credentials (for integrity and correctness), functions as a control layer that controls data interaction.

Benefits of this system: The parallel distributed architecture is core to ensuring the stability of data storage and the facilitation of data sharing. Distributed cloud storage eliminates pressure from the main chain, the parallel architecture divides the data layer from the command layer, and the side chains assist with processing and consensus.

CPChain CPC Token

The network will operate its own native token called CPC, which will identify digital economic activity on the platform. The value in this token is that action on the network will use CPC as “gas” for transactions (data or an economic unit), in addition to holding CPC as a symbol of partaking in CPChain governance.

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