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Covesting, a Europe-based digital currency exchange, and professional trading platform has officially announced the Soft Launch of their platform on the heels on receiving their DLT License from regulatory authorities in Gibraltar. The soft launch is a key part of Covesting’s multi-step plan to launch their platform in stages, focusing on developing and releasing a quality project and not rushing to release a mediocre one.

The soft launch will allow Covesting to perform critical testing of live trading activity on a large scale, allowing their development team to smooth out all the features and to ensure that everything runs smoothly prior to the platform’s imminent full launch.

During the soft launch of the platform, users will still be able to access a wide variety of Covesting’s unique and advanced features, allowing them to gain a thorough understanding of why the platform is revolutionary.

These features include:

  • Quick order execution
  • ROI-based trader rankings
  • An internal messaging system
  • Advanced performance reporting dashboard
  • Best-in-Industry charting software
  • Unrivaled high liquidity
  • 24/7 live support
  • And much more.

In addition to allowing traders to establish themselves on the Covesting platform and to test out all the unique features the exchange offers, users will also be able to get a head start on Covesting’s mandatory KYC procedures. These procedures are an important part of the platform’s mission of providing users with unprecedented security, while still being fully compliant with global regulators who require that exchanges know who is using their services.

One huge draw of Covesting is their widely-anticipated copy-trading feature, which allows new traders to copy the trades of high performing traders by automatically mimicking their positions. The feature will also prove beneficial for experienced traders, who can build a following and are entitled to a portion of the commissions from the traders who follow them. During the soft launch, traders will be able to build their profiles and gain a following in anticipation for the release of this feature.

Initially, there will be a limited number of cryptocurrencies available for trading, depositing, and withdrawing, but other assets will be added on an ongoing basis in order to eventually provide traders with a wide range of digital assets.

Ultimately, Covesting will allow users to buy cryptocurrencies using fiat funds through multiple methods, including wire transfers, credit cards, and other methods, and these funding gateways will be added shortly after the soft launch.

In order to participate in the soft launch, users can follow these steps:

  1. Register or login to the Covesting platform;
  2. Complete the KYC process and wait for verification (if not previously completed);
  3. Go the funds section and deposit any cryptocurrency currently available for trading;
  4. Transfer deposited funds from your wallet to trading portfolio;
  5. Start trading on the Covesting platform.

Another exciting development for Covesting was the recent approval of their mobile trading app for listing on the Apple App Store. Traders can now download the Covesting app and access many of the Covesting features from the convenience of their mobile devices. The app has since received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users.

The Covesting app for Android devices will be coming soon, and in the meantime, iOS users can download the mobile application here:

After a year of hard work and tireless striving to develop a platform that sets a new benchmark for the cryptocurrency industry, Covesting goes live.

Covesting’s CEO and co-founder, Dmitrij Pruglo, spoke in-depth about his project’s soft launch and successful year, saying:

“After this difficult year for us, we are pleased to present the platform to the community. But the most difficult was not the development process itself, although it certainly takes a lot of effort. The most difficult aspect was the ability to restrain oneself and not to react to skepticism from the side of conditional competitors and some token-holders regarding the lack of active marketing. It was a volitional decision, and we believe that we were not mistaken. Before any startup there is a choice in where to focus our efforts. Across the crypto industry, it has become common practice to offer anything to customers, so long as it is attractively packaged. And the problems of customers will face due to infrastructure flaws are the least of the creators concerns.

Ultimately, this damages users, investors, and the industry as a whole, as it leads to significant problems down the road that cannot be easily fixed. It was necessary this tradition changed. Someone needed to step up and raise the bar for the industry to create a better future.  At Covesting, we have focused our energy on creating a company and platform that raises the bar for the industry as a whole by focusing on regulatory compliance and facilitating an incredibly successful soft launch.

Today, each of you can try out the platform and see if it was worth the wait. We believe that a strong product will speak volumes for itself. We have remained confident all year, and we are ready to begin to demonstrate to the world the possibilities of a platform on an entirely new level for the crypto community.

What do I mean by new level? Everything. This is a combination of broad functionality, uncompromising reliability, unprecedented transparency, and the best quality support service in crypto-world that we built from the ground up, focusing on becoming one of the world’s leading financial corporations. You can also try out the speed and quality of the support service in person by contacting our support team through the platform’s contact form, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.”

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