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Source: KuCoin

KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange has announced the listing of the native and transaction currency Cosmochain COSM.

Deposits are now open with supported trading pairs including COSM/BTC and COSM/ETH. All transactions are implemented utilizing KuCoin’s Android and iOS apps, or to their official website at

About Cosmochain (COSM)

Cosmochain is a platform built to address the cosmetic and skincare industry challenges. The platform unites cosmetic product users and content creators to cosmetic product suppliers. It connects customers and firms in a beauty ecosystem that is beneficial to all the parties included. The platform gives solutions to customers and companies alike by using the power of the information on the Cosmochain ecosystem. The platform gathers and processes reliable beauty data from customers providing customer-centric on-demand assistance.

The platform can also be applied to safely store the participant’s database by the utility of the Cosmochain’s blockchain technology. It ensures the integrity of data and motivates the customers to come up with a reward-based community.

Cosmochain Tokens

Two different tokens create the Cosmochain ecosystem. The Cosmo Coin is the primary token that can be exchanged externally. Individuals apply Cosmo Coin to buy the second token-Cosmo Power that is required for platform activities. Cosmo Coin also serves as a medium of exchange to turn Cosmo Power acquired to other currencies.

The second token is introduced to as Cosmo Power and can be used to make payments inside the system and give out rewards to participants for the provision of data on the platform. It is also a gauge of contribution on the Cosmochain platform that can only be acquired through the participation of activities within the Cosmochain platform.

Cosmo level is the pointer and measure of users contribution to the Cosmochain ecosystem. The level is set by the total Cosmo Power tokens accrued in a given time window. Activities can only obtain cosmo level within the Cosmochain platform.

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