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Constellation Labs has announced Orion, a new “flagship” membership portal, just before its Testnet launch. The membership portal allows users and members of the ecosystem to communicate and contribute to the network.

The company has also announced that its new DAG token is now listed on KuCoin. The DAG, short for Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), is a horizontally scalable blockchain micro service operating system.

The membership portable will serve as a place for those who want to view the portal’s message boards and various other sections. It can also be used by developers to stake DAG tokens in order to access other premium features.

Brendan Playford, the Chief Executive of Constellation, went on record and told Cointelegraph that “We want to empower our community to help shape, build, and grow the ecosystem efficiently, while encouraging our developers and community members to stake their tokens.”

Since Constellation is on the brink of launching the testnet at the beginning of August, users can get involved by running testnet nodes. This is a good opportunity of earning DAG tokens based on how many transactions they validate during the whole testing period. Other ways of earning tokens include bug reporting or proof-reading the project’s white paper.

Constellation ecosystem is not based on your average protocol

The main feature that makes Constellation different from other systems is the fact that it uses a “Proof-of-Meme” protocol. This protocol allows any member to improve the platform, rewarding behavior that improves a node’s reputation in the system.

Wyatt Meldman-Floch, Chief Technology Officer at Constellation, declared that “The Constellation protocol aims to solve the primary challenge of scalability in blockchain, providing a solution that is highly resource-efficient and exponentially scalable.”

Another advantage that Constellation brings to the table is a very interesting approach in regards to smart contracts usage.

“We are a meritocratic system which means that so long as you’re providing value to the network, validating true transactions, not causing Byzantine behavior, you will improve your reputation school and therefore increase your likelihood of being selected for consensus and then getting a reward,” the CEO said.

Constellation Labs is currently preparing for various token airdrops during this year, the first of which will be on July 7. More information is available on the project’s blog section.

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