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KuCoin is a fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange with millions of active users. It announces today the listing of Constellation DAG on their platform.  DAG is now part of tradable token inside KuCoin exchange. Holders of this coin may now deposit their asset and start a trade transaction. Some of the supported crypto pairs are DAG/BTC and DAG/ETH.

About Constellation (DAG)

It is currently addressing the systematic limitations enclosed in blockchain technology. It proposes a horizontal scaling approach that applies the technique for processing more transactions and for providing services in less time with less cost. Constellation protocol implements an Extended Trust Chain with P2P layers that can be used on mobile devices.

Constellation offers zero network transaction fees. Reputation is their mechanism to prevent attack or dormancy. To help the network grow more, they provide network incentives in token form.

Constellation is horizontally scalable. The capacity of the network is relative to user’s adoption. It helps to achieve a faster transaction. Partitioned consensus enables the system to measure the transaction counts in every second infinitely. Also, the transactions it made require no fees. Reputation removes the transactions fees on between users. Through reputation based delegate selection, participants can contribute to consensus. Moreover, its nodes are compatible with mobile devices. The smart contract enables services to be attached and made into a distributed application.

DAG –Constellation Token

It is the token used inside the network. It is also used in making transactions on Constellation. DAG has 4 billion supplies in total. More than 500 million DAG is now in circulation.

Peer to Peer Architecture of Constellation

This serverless architecture is an example of a distributed operating system, a system that provides an interface for utilization of underlying hardware’s sources.

Stars – It is the network’s base object. In order to make direct network interaction, users take star nodes on devices. Transactions are issued by means of Stars.

Star Cluster – It is the collection of Stars that are elected to have consensus participation. There is a limitation on total number of Stars.

Galaxies – These are isomorphic to validator’s role in Extended Trust Chain. They are validators and providers of truth sources to remove invalid transactions.

Black Holes – These are like blocks in blockchains. It is where Galaxies store the whole history of their blockchain.

Microservice Smart Contract – It is an available, elastic and distributed system that thrives on architecture with no server. It is used to send transactions and execute consensus.

Constellation DAG Team

Constellation is managed by well-experienced expert members and advisors. Brendan Playford leads the group as the Chief Executive Officer of the team. Other members are Wyatt Meldman Floch, Benjamin Jorgensen, Altif Brown, Emily Arth, and Zac Russel.

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