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Coinzilla CEO’s View on the Facebook Cryptocurrency Ad Ban and other Recent Crypto Events

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Jan 31, 2018
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Coinzilla is a digital advertising platform which pays publishers in Bitcoins. It offers advertisers multiple ad formats for both mobile and desktop traffic. Coinzilla uses CPC, CPM and Pop revenue models, so advertisers will be paid for both impressions and clicks.

The ad network favors websites that are associated with Bitcoin, or those that have cryptocurrency related content but it also accepts various other types of sites (except those with adult content) which comply with their terms. Basically any publisher that has website with good quality can join this network.

In today’s article, we will have the CEO & Co-founder of the Coinzilla Advertising Agency, Tiberiu Stîngaciu, answer us a few questions regarding their company and what’s been going on lately in the cryptosphere. I’m sure you’re just as curious as us to hear his take on the most recent crypto events and more.

  1. What was the first reason you got into bitcoin?
    The crypto niche as we can say is evolving day by day and we had this big opportunity to be one of the first advertising network agencies to lead the market and to open new doors to it.
  2. What determined you to launch Coinzilla?
    Coinzilla was an initiative of our colleagues – they suggested to get into crypto. Our first step was to create the ad network; it was a simple task as our company is working on Advertising Technology. Then we started gathering any publishers that had a website in this particular niche. Nowadays, we serve more than 350 million ads per month.
  3. Has all the news of countries banning or taking regulatory actions affected your business?
    We didn’t notice any effects caused by these news and regulations. The only problem we may see is that bitcoin and any other cryptocurrencies are very unstable because of that. In a way or other this can affect us as we process payments with BTC and ETH.
  4. What was your first thought when you heard of South Korea’s forthcoming actions?
    They are taking the right measure to reduce fraud. Many of us know that this specific niche is a hard one to manage when it comes to know your clients’ procedures.
  5. How do you think Facebook’s recent policy of banning crypto-related ads will impact your company?
    The decision that Facebook took recently will surely increase the number of customers from ad networks like ours. We are capable of providing targeted audience, so advertisers will be looking for great alternatives to promote their products into the crypto niche. Coinzilla will be there to help and achieve their marketing needs in a simple and efficient way.
  6. Do you think the crypto market is a bubble?
    I couldn’t say if the crypto market is a bubble or not, but what we can observe that more and more newcomers are getting into it. Market caps are getting bigger and people know that it’s still easy to present their product to an audience that is looking to help them bring great value to it.
  7. What position do you think your company will occupy in the crypto industry in the next five years?
    We plan to have a big impact in the advertising section of the crypto niche. We are preparing new features that will let publishers and advertisers earn and promote their products in the right way. We are in continuous development and we’re getting ready for any changes that the market will have. We focus on providing great results for our customers. I cannot say exactly what position we will occupy in the crypto industry, but we will surely be looking to be in the top charts.

We thank the Coinzilla CEO for taking the time to participate in our interview and answer some of our questions about the current events that are taking place in the cryptocurrency world. Considering the platform’s tight relationship with the advertising aspect of the crypto community, he offered valuable insight as to how these events will affect the industry.

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