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Coinme, a blockchain based company that provides cryptocurrency ATMs, has announced its latest expansion. The financial services company will install another 8 crypto ATMs in California.

Thus, the total number of ATMs installed in the state of California will be 23 units. The company is a financial service provider that offers the opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrency immediately, providing also well-integrated and organized features.

We are dedicated to bringing the best of the cryptocurrency economy to the diverse population of California and the world. In addition to a large technical community that appreciates the digital, decentralized qualities of crypto, there is an unbanked population who can now use Coinme as an onramp to participation in the financial system,” said Neil Bergquist, the CEO of Coinme.

In addition to providing crypto ATMs, the company offers a digital wallet, crypto trading platform and services related to crypto investments. The Coinme’s ATMs differ from other crypto trading methods by simply allowing the owners of crypto assets to buy and sell them instantly.

The new locations chosen by Coinme include both urban and rural areas to give them equal opportunities and reduce the traveling time.

These are the new locations for crypto ATMs: Bay Area, Fresno, Los Angeles (Arcadia, Sherman Oaks and Valencia), Palm Desert (the Coachella Valley) and San Diego (La Jolla and Escondido).

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