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One of the most popular sources for cryptocurrency data tracking, CoinMarketCap is updating its Application Programming Interface (API).

CoinMarketCap makes some changes to its API. The announcement was made on 1st August. In addition to the existing interface, the platform will add new endpoints and increase the limits of call, rate, trading platform and historical records for financial tiers, as stated in an email sent to CoinDesk by Carylyne Chan, VP of Marketing at CoinMarketCap.

According to Chan, the update comes as a result of “a lot of inbound requests” of platform data from tech developers and funds. In other words, CoinMarketCap wants to meet market requirements.

The new API has been released and is available at a price ranging from $ 79 to $ 699. Once developers enroll, they will benefit from advanced services and crypto data tracking collected from hundreds of cryptocurrency trading exchanges.

Our API comes with a best-in-class developer dashboard that will help every developer – from hobbyist to large-scale cryptocurrency product teams – make the most of our data,” Brandon Chez, founder of CoinMarketCap, described in a statement.

In addition to the updated API, CoinMarketCap now offers data from offshoot markets, a new methodology of exchange ranking, a daily crypto bulletin, and a refreshed iOS app.

As our new product releases show, we are constantly updating so that we can help to grow adoption of cryptocurrency. If you also believe in what we want to achieve, we look forward to having you join our decentralized team around the world,” Chez added.

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