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CoinMarketCap, one of the most popular websites for cryptocurrency price data, announced on Wednesday that it has added some new features to its site.

CoinMarketCap stated that it has improved its coin watchlist feature, as well as updated its search function for mobile devices “to make it easier to access.”

The site developed their first mobile app for iOS users just last month, and comments made on CoinMarketCap’s tweet today show that users are requesting developments for an app that is compatible with the Android operating system.

The site’s popularity for has surged in recent years, most likely due to the rise in interest in cryptocurrencies and ICOs. According to data made available by Alexa, it is currently ranked among the top 300 most visited sites in the world.

But in spite of its popularity, CoinMarketCap still has fierce competitors in the cryptocurrency data providing industry such as Thomson Reuters who just announced that it will release a series of updates for their tracking services.

The site has also not been spared from controversy when it experienced its rise in popularity. Earlier this year, CoinMarketCap was criticized for deciding to take out from their calculated averages, three Korean exchanges, which made it seem like the price of bitcoin and several other altcoins dropped all of a sudden.

Brandon Chez, the code developer and owner of CoinMarketCap responded to the very displeased reaction of its users, telling the Wall Street Journal in an email that the company’s aim “was and still is to remain a neutral and accurate source for the cryptocurrency community.”

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