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Coinlib: A New Cryptocurrency Tracking and Portfolio Site

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Mar 1, 2018
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Coinlib is a modern new website that allows you to keep track of crypto prices and your portfolio. Prices are updated in real-time and the site has a beautiful, clean look. Using Coinlib on the go through your mobile or tablet is also a smooth and fun experience. With a set of powerful features like coin comparison, alerts and stunning graphs Coinlib will make checking how your favorite coins and portfolio perform as easy as it’s every been.


Right from the homepage and with no need for you to create an account you get the opportunity to check prices for more than 2000 cryptos, all updated in real-time. If you create your account for free, you can do a few more cool things like starring your favorite coins and quickly access them from your home screen. You can also create your own portfolio by adding trades for all the cryptos you hold. Coinlib offers you the chance to quickly check the Total Market Cap charts, Bitcoin’s dominance and the 24-hour volume, all presented in a beautiful way.

The movers tap gives you quick access to the top losing or gaining coins right from your home screen. All features work perfectly on your mobile, too.



Creating your portfolio is as easy as adding the cryptos you bought and the currency you used to buy them. This can be either FIAT or crypto currency. Coinlib will automatically get the price at the day of your transaction and help you add your trades more accurately and faster. The portfolio is presented in an-easy to comprehend manner while the graphs and charts look great in the eye. When you buy or sell cryptos, just add the corresponding trade to your portfolio and Coinlib will automatically update its performance.


In order to make sure you don’t miss any important coin movement or an overall movement of your portfolio, Coinlib allows you to create highly customizable alerts. Those can be set to fire once or every time the condition you select is trigger. That way you’ll make sure you receive an email or a browser notification every time an important move in one of your crypto holdings takes place.


Comparing Coins & Other Tools

One of the most powerful features Coinlib offers is the Coin Comparison. With it you can select up to four coins and get a detailed overview of their performance in time. Stunning graphs, detailed charts with trading volumes, price movements and a comparison of their performance are presented in a set of graphs and tables. Comparing which coin would be the best investment has never been easier.




Many times you want to check the price of a cryptocurrency to your own FIAT currency, like USD or EUR. Coinlib gives you access to such a tool, which can also be used as a widget for your website. Lastly, Coinlib presents news about cryptocurrency in general and specific coins from trusted sources.


Coinlib is one of the best cryptocurrency tracking websites available. It has a suite of powerful features, a clean look and makes tracking prices for cryptocurrencies a superior experience. Any enthusiast, day trader or long-term holder can use Coinlib every time he needs to check how his crypto holdings are performing or how to find the next best investment to go into.

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