Coinlancer ICO Review

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Oct 4, 2017
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Talking with a couple of freelancers, I’ve noticed that most of them have a disgust for the huge fees that they’re charged with. Yes, the platform connects you with your clients and allows you to earn some extra cash – but their rates are too high. Coinlancer is here to make a change.

Lower Fees, Higher Profit

Most of the freelancing platforms charge a high fee, we know that. Even if it’s 10% or 20% – it’s too much for a simple freelancer. Freelancing should be different.

Coinlancer’s fee will be only 3%.  Besides this, this platform is based on Ethereum, therefore, every task will be created as a smart contract. Users can post tasks or can complete a task for someone. Once the smart contract is validated, the job seeker will be rewarded in CL tokens which afterwards he can exchange for any other cryptocurrency.

And there’s more about Coinlancer. They introduced an innovation called the Freelancer Tribunal. On a centralized platform, an user might break the rules and be kicked out. Here, the community decides which rules are fair and which are not. By introducing an user-based distributed voting mechanism, Coinlancer solved a huge problem in the freelancing industry.

This is not the only one they solved. On a normal freelacing platform, the client can dissapear with the funds and the freelancer would remain empty-handed. This is not the case on Coinlancer. By escrowing the funds first, Coinlancer eliminated the nonpayment issue. Even in the case of a dispute, the funds will be distributed fairly, as the freelancer tribunal will decide.

The total token supply would be 300 million CL tokens. With a $0.25 price in the ICO, the CL is one of the best investments that you can make in an ICO. The pre-ICO, however, starts on October 4th. An investment in Coinlancer then would mean an extra 20% in CL for you.


Coinlancer is a great idea. Not only because it connects clients with freelancers, but also because it brings something new and professional in the cryptocurrency industry. It’s a way for people to earn money in their free time with the safety guaranteed and a low fee.

Check out Coinlancer HERE


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