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CoinHive Review

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Sep 22, 2017
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If you have a website and are interested in earning bitcoins or money, you should probably take a look into a fairly new project called the Coin-Hive. It’s not something that will earn you bitcoins, but it will earn you Monero (XMR) instead. Monero has seen a great increase in its value thanks to the world’s top Cryptocurrency exchanges – Bithumb of South Korea -.


Coin-Hive started as an experimental project by the founders of, a popular image sharing website based in Germany. They wanted to keep the website free of advertisements. At the same time, they needed funds to manage the website. A great solution to this problem was to integrate a web-based – JavaScript – miner on their website.

Monero became chosen as it revolves around Cryptonite. This is an algorithm which the users efficiently mined (users and not miners with expensive mining rigs). The team simply integrated the JavaScript miner on their website. This turned out to be a huge success. It had over $5,000 USD worth of earnings rolling in within a couple of weeks.

Made confident with the successful result, the team created a service called Coin-Hive and ever since, they have positioned themselves as one of the most innovative Cryptocurrency related services.

Website owners can simply use their services and enjoy the benefits. These are: not showing advertisements to users, providing rewards to users, preventing spam, and monetizing shortlinks. This is possible with their range of products: Captcha, JavaScript Miner, and HTTP API.

Users of the website can help owners by contributing some of their computing hash power entirely. All this just by solving Captcha, visiting links, and turning the JavaScript miner on. It must be noted that if you are willing to integrate the JavaScript miner, you need to notify your users that you are using this miner. Recently, people accused The Pirate Bay of using this service without notifying its users.

Is is a time where more and more people are disliking advertisements on websites and installing ad-blocking plugins on their browsers. Therefore, it’s important to figure out an alternative to generating revenues.

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