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CoinEgg Exchange Review & Guide

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Feb 12, 2019
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CoinEgg is a crypto exchange established in the United Kingdom which focuses exclusively on trading with digital assets. The exchange has been operational since 2013, and no hack so far have been reported.

The platform lists a variety of altcoins which can be traded against Bitcoin and Ethereum. The site is not available for residents from the US, Hong Kong and countries that have sanctions imposed on crypto trading. The site is available in three languages: Chinese(traditional), Chinese (simplified, Hong Kong) and English.

Trading Options

The platform features several tools which are suitable mostly for beginner traders including several charting tools.

But more advanced traders will find that CoinEgg is lacking in features and details. For instance, the order book features only simple market orders, while other platforms also offer stop losses and limit orders.

Only one type of account can be made on CoinEgg, and the size of your trading volume does not influence your account’s limitations.

Supported cryptocurrencies

CoinEgg offers support for 42 coins and tokens, with its list in constant expansion. Here you will find larger coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, in addition to rare or small-capped coins as well.

Several ICO tokens which have not yet been listed on larger exchanges are available for purchase on the platform.

The altcoins can be traded mainly against Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. The last two can be traded against a few altcoins, which makes BTC the most tradeable asset.

Deposits, Trading, and Withdrawals Fees

Deposit fees are not charged on CoinEgg, but depending on your bank or credit card issuer, there could be some fees incurred on their part. For withdrawals, there can be fees of up to 1%, but they vary depending on the cryptocurrency you trade in. Regarding its trading fees, CoinEgg charges a 0.1% taker fee and gives the same amount as a discount to makers.

No fiat currencies are accepted as deposits, which makes the platform inconvenient for first-time traders.


CoinEgg’s interface has a pleasant design, but it is not as easy to navigate compared to other exchanges that we have reviewed. A basic chart is featured at the top of the platform, where traders can find and view the recent history of the crypto they are interested in.

The charting tools are not that helpful, as they are not all that detailed.

On the left side of the platform, there is the asset list which is featured in a minimalist and easy format, while the order book and order history are placed intuitively under the chart.


So far, CoinEgg has not been reported to be a victim of any hack or security breach, even though the industry is teeming with such instances.

However, the exchange is not regulated by any recognized authority, therefore users must proceed with caution when using this service.

CoinEgg claims that they employ top-level security to keep their users’ funds safe, but there is no information on their website to support these claims.

Customer Support

Users are able to contact customer support staff by sending an email or using the live chat option which is featured on the website. There is an FAQ page, but it is of no help whatsoever as it is just a blank page.

The support offered by CoinEgg has been reported to be extremely unsatisfactory. Users have reported that the live chat function has no representatives available when they tried reaching them, as they were offline most of the time.

Also, the email response is slow or non-existent. All things considered, their customer support is definitely lacking, and needs considerable improvement.

CoinEgg Exchange Review – Verdict

CoinEgg exchange has been for some time in the industry, managing to operate without getting hacked. While this is a plus, there are many aspects that still need improvement, including customer support, liquidity, and trading pairs and tools.

The advantages of this platform are its competitive fees and its list of coins which offers some exotic options, which might attract some traders.

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