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CoinDeal Review – Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

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Jul 18, 2018
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Cryptocurrency exchanges have increased in popularity over the past years, keeping up with the demand that was produced by the surge in crypto market prices. As these platforms allow users to trade coins between them, it is essential that they implement the best security measures to keep their users safe from malevolent factors. But not all exchanges take every single step possible to protect their users. Taking into account the ever-rising number of successful hacks that target crypto exchanges, it is imperative nowadays that trading platforms take security with the utmost seriousness. One example of such an exchange is CoinDeal.

What Is CoinDeal?

CoinDeal is a Maltese cryptocurrency exchange (registered office being Villa Malitah Mediterranean Street, The Village St. Julians STJ 1870 Malta). The exchange launched in March 2018 but is already so popular in the global market.

Coindeal offers trading in more than 50 crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat pairs. You can trade all of the biggest cryptocurrencies here and smaller as well. The exchange keeps on adding new cryptocurrencies all the time.

The Team

The team behind the project consists of experienced crypto enthusiasts that have been active in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry for years. The main core is comprised of the Adam Bicz and Kjetan Mackowiak.

coindeal team

Adam Bicz and Kajetan Maćkowiak also developed together, a cryptocurrency exchange where users can easily purchase Bitcoin with the lowest fee, and, a payment provider that accepts cryptocurrencies.

Adam has experience in programming and has previously worked in Dubai, Mackowiak is an expert in marketing and business, and Dzierzak handles finances, and IT matters.

He took an active part in the promotion and development of our token as a Business Development and Marketing Director. With his support and knowledge, he helped to create the right path for the CDL.

Unique Features

Appealing Fees

Coindeal Trading fees

(depends on the account type, can be reduced to 0.05% thanks to CDL Tokens read more)


Maker Fee- 0.29%       Taker Fee- 0.39%


Maker Fee- 0.25%      Taker Fee- 0.35%


Maker Fee- 0.2%        Taker Fee- 0.3%

CDL Token

CoinDeal exchange created its own Token to give it for free to its users. It was the first Token in the world to be distributed free of charge to so many people. It was as many as 87 549 users of the Coindeal exchange! 45 000 000 000 Tokens were distributed, which is 90% of all created Tokens. When the market opened for CDL, which took place on November 12, 2019, the value of all Tokens was 1 129 382 USD (382 BTC)! In the beginning, CDL is available together with BTC. The pairs planned for the near future are CDL/EUR and CDL/USDT. Additionally, the exchange offers many benefits from having CDL Tokens on your account. Among other things, it is a 0.05% fee and you can read about it on the official Token website.

Deposit Methods

Coindeal has different methods for different currencies. You can deposit through bank transfer, Skrill, E-pay, and Payeer+ Neteller, and ADVCash.

It is important to say that for every FIAT available on the platform (USD, EUR, PLN, GBP, and CHF) deposits and withdrawals can be done via bank transfer.

CoinDeal Security


The CoinDeal platform has the highest SSL standard security integrated with Cloudflare functionality. User accounts are protected by a multi-level 2FA verification. For the withdrawal of funds, it is necessary to have an email confirmation, which is also required when using the platform with new IP addresses. 90% of user funds are stored on cold wallets protected by Multisignature.


Voting is actually how they add new cryptocurrencies. CoinDeal wants its users to have the greatest possible influence on the development and appearance of the exchange. That is why users choose the cryptocurrency to be added to the exchange. Each user can cast a new vote every day during the voting. What’s more, CoinDeal has now added the possibility to earn tokens from the vote. One vote is one click, and the more votes a user gives in a month, the more CDL Tokens he will get.


CoinDeal’s services are available globally, also for citizens and residents from the US.

Fiat Trading

CoinDeal has noticed that many crypto exchanges do not offer support for fiat-to-crypto trading, so they decided to offer its users the possibility to trade from fiat with the crypto-coin of their choice.

This simplifies the trading process for those that do not have crypto holdings. They will not need to purchase or exchange bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to perform trades on CoinDeal; they can simply deposit their FIat currency to purchase cryptos. Currently, there are 7 fiats available on CoinDeal: euro (EUR), dollar (USD), British Pound (GBP), Polish Zloty (PLN), Swiss Franc (CHF), Rouble (RUB), and Korean Won (KRW).

Segwit Support

They offer support for the native SegWit address. CoinDeal enables deposits on Bech32 addresses. They intend on contributing to Bitcoin’s (BTC’s) Lightning network because they strive to make transactions quicker and safer for its users.

100% Uptime

CoinDeal aims to be fully operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so their customers can benefit from 100% uptime.

Company Accounts

CoinDeal will offer its services to corporate users as well. For this, they have two different types of CoinDeal accounts available, including personal and business accounts.

24/7 Support

CoinDeal has a support team that is ready to answer all of its customer’s inquiries and help them with whatever issues they may have. They will answer any questions and will offer support 24/7.


CoinDeal is a cryptocurrency exchange that puts great emphasis on security, quick transaction times, and easy trading through a user-friendly interface.


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