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Coinbase has enjoyed its users with a new office in Japan, giving more investors the opportunity to access the platform services.

Coinbase was happy to announce its official office based in Japan. The opening took place on Monday, June 4th and was a step forward for “accelerate the global adoption of cryptocurrency” by making Bitcoin trading operations easier and more accessible in line with current laws.

The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange is working with the Japanese authorities to monitor the company’s activities. Coinbase has been registered at the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA), so the crypto features will be legally accessible to Japanese. In order for new users to understand the steps to be taken in using crypto services, Coinbase has provided the translated version of the platform.

An aspect that facilitated the easier entry of Coinbase into the Japanese market was the board member of the FinTech Association of Japan Nao Kitazawa. Thanks to his experience, Coinbase hopes to offer “a great foundation to successfully push into the largest cryptocurrency market in the world.”

Japan is well-known as an important player in the crypto industry, working hard on developing a favorable environment for the crypto-based startups. Numerous analysts and passionate about virtual benefits assume that due to the Olympics held in 2020 in Japan, cryptocurrencies will reach the top of the discussions.

As previously reported by Coindoo, cryptocurrency exchanges based in Japan are required to register with the FSA agency. Also, some platforms may work under the so-called registration review period, during which they are required to comply with the law. Currently, there are 16 crypto trading platforms approved by the legislative institution.

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