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AI-as-a-service (AIaaS) has started gaining popularity due to services such as Amazon AI (which includes Rekognition), Clarifai, Google Cloud Vision, IBM Watson, and Microsoft Cognitive Services.

One of the main factors that pushed AIaaS forward economically is the widespread presence of micro-transactions.

CloudSight, a startup that focuses on visual cognition, has announced that it will now accept Bitcoin Lightning payments so that it can collect and share visual knowledge to allow AI to learn from AI through microtransactions.

CloudSight uses this type of data to teach deep learning neural networks to automatically make captions. Having a database of over half a billion images and all the related metadata, CloudSight stated that its image recognition API is among 30 patents that are pending worldwide.

The implementation of Bitcoin Lightning will enable microtransactions between devices to occur faster, making available a once difficult exchange of information.

CloudSight’s new incorporation basically constructs a decentralized framework and runs a reliable mechanism for transferring data from provider to the consumer. These microtransactions can be done between any individual, service provider, or AI unit.

“Today, while the information economy continues to grow, data providers are seeking new methods for upgrading traditional payment networks to handle the future of AI communication,” said the founder and CEO of CloudSight, Brad Folkens.

“At CloudSight, we found that Bitcoin payments (BTC), via the Lightning network, offer the perfect pairing for a unique utility with our visual cognition neural networks. We are very excited for the future of autonomous AI, and we believe this is a critical step in the development of this new technology.”

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