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Cybersecurity is not a specialized niche that only the tech-savvy need to worry about anymore. For both large corporations that utilize massive software infrastructures and everyday mobile device users, cybersecurity has become a massive part of our lives.

The rampant rate of cybercrime is fueling the market for cybersecurity solutions. To counter the increasing cybersecurity issues, users simply must take extra measures to secure their private data that is transmitted over all communications protocols (e.g. e-mail, websites, smartphones, cryptocurrency exchanges/wallets etc.).

Amidst this dire need for information, protection comes forth a platform that aims to eradicate or at least combat such problems: Cloudbric.

What is Cloudbric?

Cloudbric is a decentralized universal security platform that is dedicated to offering a wide array of artificial intelligence solutions for the cybersecurity niche. Its solutions will be primarily specialized in website security, mobile device security, and crypto asset security. The platform intends on innovating the world of cybersecurity by making available information security to all users by using the advantages of blockchain.

In early 2015, Cloudbric was first created as an in-house project of Penta Security Systems, Inc., a leading enterprise in web security and data encryption in South Korea and the APAC region. Cloudbric was at first launched as a cloud-based Security-as-a-Service, proposing Penta Security’s hardware application Web Application Firewall (WAF) – known as WAPPLES.

Cloudbric quickly became a strong competitor in the niche market by focusing on small businesses, medium businesses, and general website owners. These groups have an interest in using a comprehensive WAF solution. Cloudbric’s solution facilitated first-time users in becoming more adjusted to the notion of cybersecurity, by providing an enterprise level solution that actually met their requirements. It’s an established and reputable web security producer that has more than 8,000 current registered users, 50 international partnerships, and 28 service regions all over the world.


Cloudbric’s plans to integrate deep learning technology into its cybersecurity services, after which it will launch its Security Rewards Program. The company also intends to develop and expand its security platform.

After the maturation of the universal security platform, Cloudbric will develop a similar IoT security platform.

The team

The Cloudbric team is composed out of professionals that have 30 years of collective experience in information security, being among the first innovators in South Korea’s cybersecurity market.

An influential advisory board is a key factor in the development of a strong ICO. The project is backed up by a group of skilled and experienced advisors in both blockchain and security, as well as finance and machine learning. Its members include Dr. Jae-Woo Lee – a top security expert for Kaspersky’s Lab Advisory Board which is comprised of 10 renowned cyber security experts; Seokwoo Lee – CEO and Founder of Penta Security Systems, Inc., one of the most prominent cybersecurity vendors in the APAC region; and Dennis Kim –  PLAYCOIN CEO and ICO, tech, and cybersecurity expert.

Cloudbric’s Features

Cloudbric will combine numerous security implementations into one cohesive platform to make it easy to use security solutions for personal use. The solutions provided by the platform will contain website security for enterprises, mobile/PC device security, cryptocurrency asset protection, malware scanning, e-mail protection, URL access security, and many others.

Couldbric implements the reverse ICO concept, which means that they are creating the blockchain technology on top of existing infrastructure. This is great for current customers. Current customers that use their reverse ICO solutions can benefit from increased value proportion.

Cloudbric’s VISION, a profound learning module, will be the technology that will power the security platform through its implementation It will also help Cloudbric turn into the most accurate solution on the market.

The learning module will provide a wide range of cybersecurity solutions that will include all tech branches, and it will bring forth the development of a completely decentralized security environment.

By using deep learning technology on the universal security platform, Cloudbric will eventually grow to be one of the most efficient security solutions in the tech industry.

VISION will be powered by The Convolutional Neural Network learning model which extracts behavioral patterns by using a range of attack inputs and data. This will give Cloudbric the ability to efficiently identify a new wave of cyber threats that attack end-user devices, systems and protocols.

The Cloudbric Secure Web Gateway will allow users that are connected to the internet to protect their data communications through a suite of security solutions. Those that will be using the client will automatically benefit from 24/7 real-time security against a variety of online threats including spam/phishing URLs, malware infection, e-mail encryption, etc.

Cloudbric’s Secure Web Gateway client will enable users that hold various crypto assets to make use of real-time protection against targeted hacking attempts. The Secure Web Gateway client will be able to detect and prevent the user’s devices from being infected with a malicious cryptocurrency hijacking software.

The Cloudbric Decentralized Application (dApp) will be one of the first milestones of the Cloudbric Reverse ICO. It will be used to create a new security-based Decentralized Application (dApp) over the blockchain infrastructure.

The development of the new Cloudbric dApp will permit the platform to evolve from its current security operations into a mature blockchain-powered security service. Additionally, the dApp technology and architecture will allow Cloudbric to integrate with the vast resources of blockchain technologies, such as EOS, STEEM, QTUM, Ethereum, and the like.

The revenues produced during the reverse ICO will be assigned to the development of the project’s Decentralized Application (dApp), which will work alongside with the existing blockchain infrastructure, therefore, facilitating the processes of the platform to be converted into blockchain-based ones.

The Token

The platform’s CBL token will be used for information security sharing and as an incentive for those that make contributions to the development and improvement of the platform. Their reward program will help motivate users to take part in the active evolution of Cloudbric’s deep learning security detection aptitudes.

Users will be required to store a minimum amount of CLB tokens in their CLB wallets so they can have access to the platform’s set of services and to also buy exclusive services and receive discounts from their partnership network.

While the servicing will be available for free, for personal use, enterprise clients will have to pay for their security plans. However, Cloudbric will offer rewards to enterprise users that make a monthly purchase with their CLB tokens.

Enterprise clients that acquire monthly service plans with CLB tokens will instantly get a 50% discount on the Cloudbric list price. For those that want to make acquisitions with CLB, they may still opt to make the standard payments by using a valid credit card or PayPal account.

Additionally, users will be able to move CLB tokens to cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets that have support for CLB.


Cloudbric is a web security platform that offers a comprehensive set of security services that protect against vulnerabilities and cyber attacks, for both the average and enterprise user. One thing is sure: considering the avalanche of attacks in the online environment, one can never be too protected against threats.

Youtube description/Press release:

  1. SHORT: Cloudbric is a decentralized web security provider that develops and distributes AI-based security services for all types of users.
  2. LONG: The platform features a logic-based detection engine (for precise malware detection) for their Web Application Firewall (WAF), and distinguishes itself by offering an encompassing suite of online solutions consisting of WAF, SSL encryption, and DDoS protection, to name a few.

Cloudbric aims to make their service accessible and affordable to everyone and to become a comprehensive cloud-based security provider.

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