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Change Bank – The Cryptocurrency Bank

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Sep 20, 2017
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Over the past years, companies like Uber, AirBnb, Facebook disrupted several industries changing the way we live. However, the banking sector hasn’t seen too many improvements or innovations. This is one of the main issues right now as the banking industry lacks certain technology that would make our lives easier. But Change Bank wants to change this!

Change Bank – More Than A Crypto Bank 

Change Bank wants to become the ultimate crypto bank and not only. Besides offering full services that a bank does, Change Bank will also let people pay with cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, they will have an integrated marketplace of cryptocurrencies that will allow you to exchange one to another.

Change uses blockchain technology to decentralize a broad offer of services to help you manage your money easier. Every layer of Change Bank is connect trough their API to various service providers, creating the perfect solution to maintain your funds secured. It was founded in 2016 in Singapore where they receive an early $200,000 investment from several angel investors. With the desire to simplify the banking process, Change Bank launched their ICO on September 16th and it will end on October 16th.

What Are The Change Bank Benefits

Firstly, they will have a mobile application that will make your life easier! Change will require a basic KYC. This information will be provided ‘tokenised’ to other third-party service providers. Another great thing will be the fact that Change will be your universal crypto wallet. Using it, you can store in the application all of the major cryptocurrencies.

And there’s more good news: There will also be a Change Card. This will allow you to spend your cryptocurrency in any place that accepts them. There won’t be any fees for having an account, transferring funds, or even making payments. Besides this, there’s also going to be a cash-back model introduced in the application where a user will receive Change Tokens for using them. From the security point of view, the Change card can be locked from the app and have an innovation in the industry: a dynamic CCV.

And that’s not even all. Change Bank wants to create its own marketplace. A marketplace where you could use crypto to invest in stocks, real estate, or anything else. Where you could easily apply for a loan, or buy a car or flight insurance with Ether/Bitcoin. This way, anyone can use these types of services from anywhere. Also, Change Bank already created a partnership with the most active digital society in the world, the e-Residency.

Change Bank is one of the brightest blockchain projects available right now. It’s technology could be the next disruptive idea that will change the banking industry. Even if they won’t be able to do this – the Change Application and Card will be a game-changer.

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