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China’s Center for Information Industry Development has made public its third ranking of cryptocurrencies.

31 crypto-powered projects were reviewed and ranked by China’s Center for Information Industry Development. We would like to remind you that the first report was issued on 17 May, while the second on 20 June. Initially, the ranking contained 28 cryptocurrencies, where Ethereum was the 1st place, and Bitcoin the 13th. For the second Global Business Chain Technology Assessment Index, the Center for Information Industry Development (CCID) added two crypto assets: EOS and Nebulas, the first one becoming the leader of the ranking.

About the third ranking

The third list is made up of 31 cryptocurrency-based projects after Gxchain joined the ranking. As in the penultimate ranking, EOS remains the leader, followed by Ethereum and Nebulas. The last added crypto project has achieved an impressive score that has brought it the 4th position. The last two places are occupied by Decred and NEM. Bitcoin is ranked 16th, while Bitcoin Cash is ranked 25th.

Debuting project called Gxchain represents a “blockchain-based decentralized data exchange” designed on stablecoin standards, as its whitepaper explains. The website indicates that Gxchain was developed as a “bridge between data sources released on different platforms“.

Conforming to China Electronics News Agency (Cena), the ranking is based on a “comprehensive investigation and evaluation of the public chain from three aspects: basic technology, application and innovation”.

The basic technology [aspect] mainly assesses the technical level of the current public chain, including evaluation of functions, performance, security and decentralization,” the media explained. “In terms of basic technical sub-indicators, EOS scored the highest.

China Electronics News Agency went on stating that:

The application [aspect] mainly examines the comprehensive ability of the public chain to support practical applications, including node deployment, wallet application, development support and application implementation.”

The innovation assessment focuses on continuous innovation in public chain open source code, including the number of contributors, code updates, and code impact … Bitcoin ranked first in terms of its global influence and high innovation activity,” the publication wrote.

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