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The crypto sector has become so popular that a US-based TV station dedicated a series of episodes to it. Announced by GlobeNewswire on 7th May 2018, the crypto Youtuber Jason Appleton, also known as Crypto Crow, will present a show dedicated entirely to the crypto industry.

The host television is the New York-based CBS. Crypto shows are scheduled to be released in less than 2 months. Yes, a program dedicated to cryptocurrencies will be broadcast on the American post.

The two, Jason Appleton and CBS signed the contract in the previous days. This includes a series of 13 crypto-based episodes. Additionally, Jason will sponsor a wallet dedicated to the show that will store the necessary payments for suppliers and sponsors. It’s unknown the amount to be spent for making such a show, but the fact is that Jason will sponsor the TV show entirely with cryptocurrency.

Jason Appleton or as the community knows Crypto Crow, began his crypto career in November 2017 when he decided to create a YouTube page. The more the crypto market was growing, the more subscribers its YouTube channel has accumulated. Currently, it enjoys an impressive number of 73,000 subscribers. Its YouTube page provides information and analysis on cryptocurrency-based projects as well as ICO launches.

Taking into account the Jason’s LinkedIn account, he entered the cryptocurrency game, becoming a faithful investor for about a year and managed to double or even triple his initial investment. He also has experience in the financial sector, working as a consultant especially with mortgage companies.

Crypto Crow Show will be released in June

CBS wants to name the show presented by Jason Appleton “Crypto Crow Show” and will be watched by more than 17 million US households, plus another 30 million households around the world using the ROKU streaming device. This show will certainly accumulate a large number of views.

The first season will consist of 13 episodes and is scheduled to begin on 25th June 2018. The topics of the 13 episodes are the following:

Episode 1: What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Episode 2: Crypto Security

Episode 3: Exchange Trading

Episode 4: Initial Coin Offerings

Episode 5: Bot Trading For Profits

Episode 6: 1st Gen vs 2nd, 3rd

Episode 7: Swing Trading

Episode 8: Crypto Cycles/Crashes

Episode 9: Crypto Mining Vs. Investing

Episode 10: Crypto Predictions

Episode 11: Passion To Profit

Episode 12: The Future Of Cryptocurrency

Episode 13: A New World Of Crypto.”

The topics proposed for discussion include a wide range of questions and answers regarding the crypto sector. The premiere of the show will bring a new vision of the widely discussed topic “cryptocurrency“.

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