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KuCoin is a trading platform for cryptocurrencies which provides advanced services for any crypto traders. This market exchange is extremely proud to announce that CashBet Coin is now listed on its platform.

CBC is officially trading on KuCoin. Supported trading pairs are CBC/ETH and CBC/BTC.

About CashBet

The merging of cryptocurrencies and mobile gaming gives exceptional opportunities for supporters to disrupt the digital casino markets. Wager markets have changed significantly over the last twenty years. Online gaming arises and gaming shifts from the desktop into mobile. All kinds of iGaming develop quickly.

CashBet visualizes an elevated experience for online gambling players across the world. Players can play on iGaming apps and sites of CashBet using CashBet Coin. CBC opens the access to an excellent iGaming worldwide. It will improve experiences over the game genres like sports bet, lottery, eSports, casino, etc.

CashBet Coin (CBC) 

It was initially issued during CashBet ICO which began on the first month of January. 430,000,000 CBC are subject for issuance; it won’t exceed anymore.

It is the utility token of CashBet platform.  It is used for various sites, online gambling, skill-based and social gaming. Token holders and CBC-based playing are both valuable and can be rewarded. CashBet provides real benefits to CBC owner, partner, and player. CBC token empowers B2B and B2C offerings. This token rewards loyalty utilizing giving VIPs a losses percentage and entitles them for more bonuses. It is not intended for protection or product regulation but only gives the right to enter and utilize the platform.

CBC tokens enable the following:

Lesser Cost- CashBet offers low fees for cryptocurrency or fiat players and reduced regular gas charge for transactions under Ethereum blockchain.

Trust- CashBet games are all third-party licensed and tested. CashBet enables an impartial operation and considers some alternative methods to produce anonymous reliance.

Speedy Transactions- CryptoGo will facilitate faster payments to players. CBC players are paid immediately based on their history and further requirements.

Access- CBC token democratizes admission to world-class entertainment.

Empowered players- They can access CashBet transactions. All changes made on public blockchains are transparent and can be viewed by any parties involved.

CashBet Leadership Team

Dr. Mike Reaves and Dr. George Weinberg created CashBet. Dr. Reaves has more than two decades of experiences in IT and software development mainly concentrated on gaming field. He is the CEO of the CashBet group. Dr. Weiberg as CTO is also a well-experienced software developer. The chairman of the team is Fred Hsu who is famous for co-founding the successful Oversee, and financial matters are handled by Daniel Edwards, an expert in finances, operations, and corporates.

CashBet Leadership Team

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