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As the use of Bitcoin as an alternative currency grows, the number of providers that offer bitcoin debit or credit cards is also on the rise.

Cardbit and Its Bitcoin Debit Card

The cryptocurrency wallet has launched a unique development named Bitcoin-to-Card Sender, which lets the user make payments for goods and services with Bitcoins directly from their card.

This new addition is an ideal tool which simplifies the purchasing process for crypto users, letting them cash out to the card of their choice.

bitcoin to card sender

Users can order their prepaid card and load it with funds almost instantaneously. These cards can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted.

To obtain API access, the user must first register on the site as a Business User. After the user has been successfully verified, he will be able to access the API integration manual which can be found in the client area.

The integration of the Cardbit API into the Merchant site now enables its customers to make payments for products and services which can be bought by using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

When the customer is logged in into the payment page of the order, both he and the merchant can view that particular transaction in the client area. The payment of the order can be finalized later on by the customer in the client area. Until the order becomes finalized, its status will appear to be Pending.

After the payment has been settled by the customer, the Bitcoin funds will be instantly deposited into the merchant’s account.

Its affiliate program for its partners lets them receive bonuses via their referral program.

cardbit affiliate

Cardbit Solutions

Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

Users will be able to easily purchase Bitcoins from exchanges by using their debit or credit card after their account has been verified.

Buy/ Sell Bitcoins to EUR Account

Another useful feature for users is that they can instantly exchange Bitcoins for Euros and make the withdraw to their debit/credit card, or directly to their bank account.

Original Credit Transactions

Through Cardbit’s exchange network, customers can sell Bitcoins as well as withdraw funds straight to their debit/credit card. Customers can send and receive funds from their Visa (OCT) partners and MasterCard MoneySend transfers.

Accept BTC on Your Website

Merchants that want to make their products and services available for purchase in Bitcoin rates now have the opportunity to receive payments instantly by end-users with Bitcoins that have been pre-purchased. The API for merchants can be found in the login section, and it features detailed integration instructions to make the entire process easier.

Create Crypto Invoices

Cardbit lets its users make online cryptocurrency invoices for customers who will confirm payments with Bitcoins by just accessing the link. This is the perfect solution for crypto enthusiasts that are looking for a facile way to make purchases and transactions by just using their cards.


It seems that has outdone itself with this solution that significantly facilitates the transaction process of cryptocurrency – a thing craved by every single user. What is your opinion about the Bitcoin-to-Card Tool? Comment below.

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