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Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s founder, and IOHK CEO contacted Tron’s Justin Sun on Twitter. He advised Sun to look into implementing one of his company’s products to increase the efficiency of Tron to the max. 

“@justinsuntron you guys should use our mantis client instead of Ethereum Java… the code is much better, security audited and consensus is pluggable for a DPoS style protocol.”- tweeted Cardano’s Hoskinson to Justin Sun.

Hoskinson later tweeted the following:

“I’m being entirely serious. They seem to be using a fork of ethereum java. It would be much much better to use Mantis as a base”

Justin Sun appreciated the Hoskinson’s advice.

“Thanks for the advice! We’re looking to build the best blockchain technology so we’ll look at mantis too.”

Mantis was developed and deployed to help the progress of Ethereum Classic by enhancing its speed, security, and serving to guarantee decentralization, according to IOHK’s Allan McSherry. Hoskinson clearly believes these features can be implemented into Tron’s protocol as well.

“The Mantis part of the integration has been packaged with a Java Virtual Machine included to allow fast and easy setup of the client. This initial release has focused on the basic wallet to wallet transfer function and enjoys the safety features Daedalus is known for.”

From their offset, IOHK concentrated their efforts on making interoperability one of their major objectives and bringing it to the blockchain community.  Founder and CEO Charles Hoskinson proposed an ecosystem where different blockchain projects which are oriented at solving problems in various industries could interact.

When developing IOHK, he wanted to create protocols, wallets, and dApps that could function flawlessly with one another with a number of different coins. Now it appears that Hoskinson is proving just how efficient he thinks his IOHK’s technology is by encouraging Tron’s founder to use one of its products, Mantis, to help further Tron’s development.

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