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Cardano Foundation has partnered up with Fintech Association of Hong Kong, an independent organization which focuses on various tech sectors.

The FTAHK Association is organized by a number of committees which manage sectors such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, RegTech, data, and online payments.

The committees comprise of volunteers from all tech fields, with stakeholders from all of Hong Kong mentoring and educating them to create an environment where all communities can benefit from these technologies.

” FTAHK is organized and run by the community, for the community. It provides them with a unique position to speak on behalf of the fintech community. It is run by a voluntary group of members who care about the future of fintech in Hong Kong, Greater China and Asia. The objective of the association is to support the development of Hong Kong as a leading Fintech center,” stated the organization on its website.

Cardano was launched in 2015 in order to create a new breed of cryptocurrency and balanced and sustainable blockchain that is easily upgradeable and integrated into other systems.

The technology was designed to not only serve as an ecosystem for a cryptocurrency but to also facilitate financial applications for everyday use. Cardano’s ingenious blockchain is built on various layers which allow the system to be easily maintained and upgraded with soft forks.

The Association will bring Hong Kong closer to its goal of becoming a FinTech hub by incorporating cutting-edge technologies into sectors such as finance, business, academia, and government.

Cardano has become the newest member of the FTAHK organization to both share and impart knowledge with the community. This new partnership is seen as a beneficial move by investors and traders, which will probably influence the price of the Cardano coin (ADA) in a positive way.

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