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Sp8de, a gaming app created on top of the Cardano blockchain made the announcement that it successfully completed the second stage of its MVP development.

This stage of basic protocol development involves generating verified randomness and a more facile integration process.

The modules of integration went through significant changes; randomness generation; and operations history (storage module).

The reports revealed that the significant development was made with views to their client library. These works are expected to be 100% completed by the end of this month.

The previous stage was mainly aimed towards making the infrastructure for the end users, comprising a large part of the said infrastructure.

The first stage of developments led to the creation of a user account portal, purchases, token deposits, and also enabled the process of performing transactions and gain access to the basic API.

For the Cardano-based game, this progress signifies that the system is now compatible with back-end systems of both online and physical gaming providers, allowing them to be integrated.

Seeing as these major elements were successfully implemented, the team will move on to focus on the core systems and start developing the testing environment.

“The first stages of development are of utter importance – it’s here that we saw our initial plans to be correct. Now we can proceed smoothly to reach our final goal – fully transparent, easy to play, exciting games of chance!” said Evgeny Borchers, the CVO of Sp8de.

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