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Can Professional Crypto Signals Help You?

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Apr 12, 2019
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Cryptocurrency trading many times looks like you’re playing a Bingo game. In which direction is price gonna spike at a certain moment, no one can ever be 100% sure and it is very hard to predict it because crypto is a super volatile market. Just when it seems you cracked the code, your psychology kicks in and you lose half of your portfolio because you made an imprudent trade, and those never end up well.

So situations like these can be avoided, professional crypto signaling services exist. Blockchain Whispers crypto signals developed a service that offers not only crypto signals, but also education, crypto news, in-depth fundamental reports, traders competition, useful trading tools, and much more!

Blockchain Whispers community evolved to current stage from a Telegram channel (@blockchainwhispersbaby) that started in January 2018. and was one of the few to predict Bitcoin’s price 25% collapse that happened at that time.

They very fast gained their reputation, and till this day they are recognizable by loyal and supportive virtual family – their members.

The platform’s founder, who goes by the name of “D Man“ is a crypto trader that made a name for himself by precisely and accurately predicting Bitcoin price changes before they occurred. He is also an author of the Amazon Bestseller: Blockchain Decrypted for 2018 – that was in the same group as Intelligent Investor, and the Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

The book brought us some wisdom into how to successfully trade on the crypto market in 2018. Ginormous 300% gains of THETA, and 2000% gains of PundiX where also clearly announced in his book. Who hasn’t read it then, missed out big time, that is for sure.

Do you know any analyst that has 100% accuracy in predicting Coinbase listings? Well, Blockchain Whispers has such guy in their team. Mr. Y, the fundamental analyst of Blockchain Whispers crypto signals team has a score of 6/6 correct Coinbase listing predictions. He also called ZIL and ONT before they were on Binance, assuring 3.5x and 8.5x gains for Blockchain Whispers’ members.

I’ll let you in one secret – His next Coinbase listing prediction is Cardano (ADA)!

Extra Additions to the Most Accurate Signals

E.A.R. (Early Activity Radar) – the only real-time crypto news feed where you can at the same time read the news and discover if the news is strong enough to shoot the price higher, or push the price down because of its human-voting sentiment. It is located on the right side of the home page.

You will, besides the usual news, discover some special insider news that Blockchain Whispers team “hides“ in E.A.R. for their most loyal members, like this:

Blockchain Whispers followers were informed about XTZ’s big green candles 3 months in advance!

Shorts vs. Longs for Bitcoin – the metric that precisely shows you how many traders are short, and how many are long. It is refreshed every second, every day of the week.

They are the only one showing the accurate figure from Bitfinex, and to my knowledge, the first ones that applied the Bitfinex patch for 2019.

D.A.R.T. (Dream Accuracy Reach Target) – the world’s championship of crypto traders that brought in best of the best crypto traders in the world. When the championship is active, you can follow signals of the competitors that you choose, depending on their past track record for free and secure some nice profit. Check out the profit that top competitors made:

The winners of the championship, traders that have shown the highest accuracy are going to be exclusive to premium members, once the championship is finished.

Professional crypto signals are definitely out of a big help when a trader is alone in the game. In a community like this, individual trader can find education, tools, support, he can get some tips and tricks from more experienced traders, he can be informed on important news on time, he can get insider news, and he can be part of a vcrypto virtual family which is nice to have if your friends and real-life family do not understand why are you on your laptop the whole day.

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