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Can One Altcoin Resolve the Gaming Industry Issues?

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Dec 3, 2020
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Today, decentralized gaming platforms form serious competition for key players in the gaming market. According to the ICO data resource, 875 ICO were launched in 2017 with more than 100 projects related to game development. In total, they raised over $120 million. One of the successful startups was IQN crypto project, which opened up unique ways to solve acute problems in the games industry.

Its main development is IQN, an ERC-20 standard token that gives players from all over the world the opportunity to monetize their gaming achievements by competing in games of all genres and directions. This is a truly revolutionary step for the entire gaming industry – today most platforms offer various kinds of skins, artifacts and boosters as prizes for winning games that cannot be used beyond a particular game. On the other hand, IQN digital asset is fundamentally changing the market, allowing quickly and easily exchange the currency earned in games for other digital assets or use it to pay for in-game purchases.

In addition, IQN allows solving various problems in the gaming industry.

Players Can’t Monetize Their Winnings

The grim reality of the modern game industry is that both the developer and the publishing company care only about the profit from the final product release. Therefore, the bulk of projects from the alternative crypto-gaming sphere is bothering about how to give more opportunities to the players themselves.

Thanks to IQN token, gamers can create “custom” tournaments and PvP competitions, where players set the parameters of the battle and form a prize pool, which can subsequently be monetized.

Today, the digital asset is listed on the popular crypto-exchanges BitForex, EXMO, Exrates,, where each player can exchange honestly earned IQN for other cryptocurrencies or withdraw winnings in fiat.

The first infrastructure to support transactions with IQN was the PvP gaming platform Its team is constantly introducing new games, which gives gamers more and more opportunities to receive rewards for their successes. You can also get an IQN asset absolutely for free – for completing bonus tasks on the platform and participating in various activities that are carried out by the project team.

Critical Game Vulnerabilities and Lack of Transparency

Today, big forums, books, documentaries, and specialized portals are devoted to security in the virtual world. But this doesn’t prevent cheaters from inventing new methods of hacking security systems. The battle for the game advantage is taken to a new level, forcing developers to implement more powerful tools to improve game mechanics.

The problem of cheating is successfully solved by distributed ledger technology. The blockchain is inherently geared towards security: thanks to the distributed blocks and smart contracts, the game becomes immune to third-party interference. As IQN digital asset is developed on the basis of Ethereum blockchain, winnings for matches are guaranteed to be paid to players.

Upgrade and Game Artifacts Cannot Be Used in Different Games

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Most games are developed in such a way that in each individual application you need to buy loot, boosters, and numerous artifacts in order to improve the character or location and get an exciting gaming experience. It is not profitable for developers for a one-time purchased asset to wander around other games.

Meanwhile, IQN token is not blocked within one game: once having earned an asset, the user can use it to participate in other matches within the platform. In addition, the project developers concentrate their efforts on scaling the ecosystem and expanding the audience of IQN holders. So, as the list of services, games and platforms introducing in-game currency grows, a single game multiverse that will allow the received asset to be freely exchanged can be created.

The Services Charge High Commissions for the Gaming Assets Exchange

Often, game product creators add various kinds of microtransactions to games in order to get even greater benefits. Therefore, any manipulation of the earned assets is accompanied by high commissions that must be paid to the gaming platform for the provided opportunity. As a result, the gamer has to spend a huge amount of time and effort in order to get the long-awaited asset, and also pay for it.

IQN solves this problem with the help of blockchain technology: thanks to smart contracts, users can conduct peer-to-peer transactions with a minimum commission. All this helps to create a truly free trading environment.


Blockchain gaming today is not about entertainment only. The goal is to create a transparent and honest interactive environment where players are the most valuable asset.

Projects such as IQN are making a huge contribution to shaping a middleman-free gaming multiverse. By offering completely unique products and new gaming experiences, cryptocurrency games not only promote the philosophy of honesty but also radically change the traditional game development industry.

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