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Great news! #Burgerlove is the next company accepting cryptocurrency as a payment and the first one in Australia. This is a big step for the country and its citizens.

#Burgerlove accepts XEM tokens

It seems that KFC Canada has inspired other fast food companies to support the crypto payments. We are talking about the café #Burgerlove located in Melbourne, Australia.

Steve Agi, the Marketing Manager at #Burgerlove mentioned for a national media that Cryptocurrencies are the future of trade. It is a fascinating concept that our clientele is already on board with and we’re ready to stop watching from sidelines. We’re giving our customers the freedom to pay with a currency of their choice, which is telling of how we like to approach the customer experience at #burgerlove; we’re globally known as trendsetters and market leaders, once again we are on the forefront of the new, the exciting and the cutting edge.

Considering that more and more people are trading crypto coins and support their development, the Boarding Directors at #Burgerlove thought it would be the right time to attract new customers to their cafe. Thus, starting with 14 February 2018, the citizens will be able to buy burgers with XEM tokens.

To show the company’s fascination about their new project in front of the audience, the team is going to expand their product range with a new one, called #NEMBurger. A burger’s secret menu will cost you 23 XEM tokens or AUD $ 16.

About NEM

NEM or New Economy Movement is a cryptocurrency that works as a blockchain network. It was launched in March 2015, Singapore and embrace the XEM symbol of tokens. NEM is the first blockchain in the world that brought the Smart Asset System.  It has a strongly secure interface, due to the fact that the network let users to customize their blockchains with multi-signature control. Additionally, there is no need for mining XEM tokens.

What does the NEM’s Director thinks about the project?

The Director at Foundation, Jason Lee replied that “Our partnership with #burgerlove is an example of how XEMs and the NEM blockchain can be applied to everyday life.

Plans for the future?!

The Marketing Manager at #Burgerlove is delighted with the new success of the cafeteria and promises that there will be more surprises in the future, suggesting to their customers to stay informed, “…this is only the beginning, look out for what’s to come with more exciting burger concepts, fun events and lots of learning and maybe even a few burgers for all”.

Do you support the #Burgerlove’s decision about accepting the crypto payment?

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